February 11, 2019

Blue Monday

I thrifted this amazing huge blue 1980's coat back in November. I was excited to try and style it, but I'm actually not very happy with this ensemble in the end. I wanted to wear solid black tights with this, but I couldn't find a pair in my dresser and these sheer tights just aren't giving the same all-black-everything look that I was after. I also love wearing this dress, it is one of my winter staples, but I wish it had a higher neckline. This fabric is a polyester crepe from Joanns that I oddly rather like (odd, since I don't normally like poly) and sadly I have never been able to find any more of it since I would love a dress just like this one with a high close neck.

I also regret the decision to go with the red patterned scarf, I would have preferred a black one, but I have had trouble finding a solid or nearly solid black scarf over the years.

So I am full of complaints today! But it is a Monday, so really can you blame me? At least I still love this blue coat, such a great find it makes me want to go thrifting more often! Alas I am on a super budget this year because I am going to have to pay taxes soon (that millennial small business worker "private contractor" life is, uh, quite irritating at this point) which has made even a thrifting out of the question.

Alas, I shall just blast New Order's Blue Monday and will surely feel a bit better for it. When the 1980's got it right, they really got it right.

Coat: Thrifted
Dress: Made by me
Hosiery: Hanes
Shoes: Remix
Handbag, Belt, Gloves, & Jewelry: Vintage
Scarf: H & M (?)


  1. It's a stunning coat! I really like the sheer hose, much more in keeping with the '80s than opaques. Xx

  2. I love how your hair turned out here. Super cute!

  3. That is a fabulous coat - that shade of blue is so perfectly 80s. It looks very Blade Runner on you.

  4. The coat is fabulous - as with the suit recently, the colour really suits you. I am loving your hair too. Can I disagree about the tights - I think opaque would look too heavy? And about the scarf - the scarf-less shots with the coat open look really lovely, but the red scarf means it's a different look when you do the coat up up and put the scarf on. Kx


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