December 23, 2018

Side Husselen no. 4 and Another Vintage Haul : VIDEO

As I have mentioned often here on the blog, I have been attempting to query literary agents to try and find representation, and here is a Side Husselen video all about that experience.

Why yes, I did start tearing up while recording the end of this script. That's why I used the first take where I could hear my own voice breaking in the end. Even though I had already written the script and it didn't stir anything to do so, while I was reading it aloud it instantly became like a pep talk to myself, the most confident part of me telling the rest it was going to be okay. Sometimes little moments like that can sneak up on you. So if you need to hear this tonight: KEEP TRYING. Never giving up is what separates the passionate from the regretful.

And in completely different news, another vintage haul from me...

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