November 1, 2018

Fall Lookbook 2018 - VIDEO

You all here on the blog have seen all but one of these ensembles before, but here they are in motion :) I hope everyone had a great Halloween, I can't believe it's November already!


  1. I just found you a couple of days ago and I subbed and I am just blown away how accurate your outfits are it's like you've taken me back in time to the forties I'm slowly building up my wardrobe but I really need to know where do you get your stuff I'm discovering the internet and everything looks Halloween ish costumes people say it's a vintage but they just throw the name there it's not really vintage I'm just so inspired by you and I have the 1940s bugs I just clean my closet out and I'm filling it with 1940s clothes and shoes that I can find but I love how you put the outfits together beautiful

    1. Thank you! I make/sew much of my wardrobe and the rest I find on Etsy. I think some excellent more accurate 1940's fashionista's to follow are Jessica of noaccountingfortaste and Sam of death_by_deco on Instagram! There are dozens of really stylish vintage gals on Insta <3


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