August 8, 2018

Cataloging Catalogs: MW Spring/Summer 1950 Hats

For some reason there were less hat pages than usual in the Montgomery Ward Spring Summer 1950 catalog. Were ladies going bare headed more often already in 1950? I can't say, but I'd happily add some of these hats into my collection even now in heartbeat!

I have been slacking with my scanning lately, do forgive me. There aren't many pages left in this particular catalog to show you all actually. Next up we have sportswear, then we'll go through the shoes and accessories, then finish this particular catalog with the fabrics on offer. I did just pick up another "new" catalog, this time a 1949/1950 fall/winter catalog, so the season just before this one! It's about time to switch back over to a fall/winter catalog anyhow, so I'm sure you will be seeing more from Ward's and I soon!

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