July 3, 2018

Rivers of America

This part at one of our local parks always reminds me of Disneyland's Rivers of America section. Of course here in Colorado I am often closer to the the real rivers of America, and other aspects of the American west, that inspired some of Disney's Frontierland than I am to fictionalized recreations of such environments. I was hoping to make it back out to the park this year too, but it seems fated not to be. 

I could celebrate Disneyland, corporate behemoth and capitalist darling that it is, much more easily than I could celebrate America (the United States to be correct) right about now. Or indeed anytime. Each collective large enough to become a country is bound to commit sins certainly, but here in the US we really take losing our humanity to new and frightening heights. Can't exactly celebrate the 4th of July this year, it would feel much too forced. Then again just because the US's dirtiest of laundry is on show right now here in 2018 doesn't mean horrific injustices were not happening every other year I have ever enjoyed an Independence Day fireworks show in the past. This week I've just got that image of the rosary beads confiscated from those seeking a better life at the US's southern border only to be greeted by terror at best hanging in my mind. I visited the Holocaust museum in Washington DC at age 13 and will never forget the images I saw there. I never thought I would see new ones so very similar in the news. I get to live with those rosy colored glasses most of the time. I'm probably not going to bother to go watch the fireworks this year.

The privilege, and to be quite frank sanitized suburban luxury, I am surrounded by is wonderful to live in, and is in so many varied ways a lie. A beautiful lie I get to live in because of luck and many institutionalized layers of inequality. Living life here in the Capitol, to use a Hunger Games reference, the truth is always there in the back of my mind. Vote. Register to fecking vote. Please. While we still can, before this grand 'ol American experiment does dive fully and totally off the rails. We are supposed to be improving the mess this country has always been, not adding to it. Be kinder to one another...and VOTE. Do more if you can, I'm not proud to admit I haven't figured out how to help more myself just yet. 

Red, white, and blue. We can do better. We must do better.

Suit: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage
Hat, Gloves, Pin, Earrings, & Clutch: Vintage


  1. You are not alone, I know other American bloggers who feel like you. Humanity will prevail! It always does. Though the state of things here in Europe is equally depressing. Keep doing what is good and right, that's all we can all do: hold out a hand to those in need, try to bring a smile to those who are sad.

    1. Thanks Mim! I know things in Europe aren't much better, and it's clear we all have to fight to get the world moving in the right direction again <3

  2. Although I am in the UK I have a passionate interest in American politics. I have watched the ever unfolding present nightmare since the running of the candidates in 2015. I completely agree with everything you have said and also with Mim regarding what is also unfolding in Europe. I truly hope that the good and just do prevail even when it feels like the truth will never be believed. We must all do what we can because the horrors of the past can be revisited. Thank you for writing this post.

    1. Thank you Carol Ann. The big picture timeline does tend to move towards progress, we've just got to figure out how to get the small scale timeline to do so again too now :(

  3. All of this. Yes. Thank you for saying this.

    Oh a lighter note, you look amazing!


  4. Agent Carter reporting for duty! No, it's Bianca...even better!
    Seriously though...We really need someone like Agent Carter (really all of us who see injustice, intolerance, and are outraged) to restore "TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the AMERICAN WAY!" I know it's a little dramatic, but still true. I feel you with not feeling the whole YAY America thing right now. Luckily I got to celebrate my father's 75th birthday (actually on the 4th of July), and I was able to forget about all of the ugliness...if only for a little while. However, we can't forget forever, or look away forever, we have to face the ugliness of injustice and intolerance head on. We must speak up, speak out...and oh yeah, VOTE! We must remember who we (America) are supposed to be. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..."
    Bianca, your recent post with the video was enlightening, and beautifully said. I am a cisgendered woman (who loves vintage style, *not vintage attitudes), married to my husband now for 25 years, and who is ever open to learning about and understanding the human experience.
    Your vintage style is beautiful, but I suspect may not measure up to your heart.


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