June 11, 2018

Countryside Checks

Ahh gingham, it just can't be beat in the summertime. Apparently it is still technically spring according to the calendar, but the temperatures here are skewed otherwise. In this heat a lightweight dress is about all I can handle! Thank goodness for big sun hats too, though I could use some more neutral colored vintage style sunglasses...

As usual I'd like to make about a dozen more gingham projects in just about every color and size of check, but I don't currently have any gingham in my fabric stash, and I do have about a million other projects I already need to finish first before I add another. So in the end I probably won't be adding any new gingham to my summer wardrobe this year. Though I have seen some very cute gingham heels around that are very tempting! This time I paired my long serving navy and white gingham dress with classic retro red for the ultimate Americana look, even if of course I'm not exactly proud and patriotic to be an American these days. Lets not talk about that though right?

I have to say I didn't get as much done sewing/video/or otherwise this weekend, as our household got torn apart and spring cleaned on Saturday since we had carpet cleaning done, which of course threw everything into a whirlwind of dusting and moving furniture around. I did finish another edit through the ye ol' book on Friday night though! It's odd, if I don't read it/work on it for a few days, I start getting down on myself about the book "oh there's no way it's any good", but then once I read it again, I always discover that I really love the darn thing and get excited again! I guess that means I should never stop working on writing and I will always feel better that way. Today I'm starting work on my query letter in earnest. Pray for me kids!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Hat, Clutch, Belt, Gloves, Jewelry: Vintage


  1. Gingham is almost always fantastic but, oh my, how you have made it look really special with all the red touches. Just lovely. Kx

  2. Beautiful dress and oh my what a stunning red hat!I'm not particularly patriot (UK)myself but there's something about red, white and blue that I love!

    1. Thank you Carol Ann! The colors do just look perfect together, it can't be helped ;)

  3. This outfit is darling, and oh so summery!



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