June 6, 2018

Cataloging Catalogs: Spring/Summer 1950 (Montgomery Ward's)

More 1950's dresses you ask? Why of course, I am happy to oblige.

Pages again from the Spring Summer 1950 Montgomery Wards catalog. Also, once again, I'd like one of most of these please! Sadly I haven't much else to say today, so enjoy and thanks as always for stopping by <3


  1. If you don't make a copy of the pink dress with the tabs on the skirt, I'll cry! Bonus points if you make it in a text fabric with solid tabs like a dictionary.

  2. So many beautiful garments! I love the dresses in the 3rd image (the plaid, polka dot and stripe) The collar detail is lovely.

    1. The gradient stripe one on that page is extra divine!


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