May 7, 2018

Downtown with Degas

Last Sunday my mom and I made a jaunt downtown into Denver to go see the Degas exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. I wore a lovely new-to-me navy blue rayon dress I picked up on Etsy this past winter. In the listing photos the dress looked like a rayon crepe 1940's dress, and when it arrived it was a faux linen style rayon woven in a more 1950's shape, which just goes to show the nature of shopping online once again I suppose. Still, the dress fits perfectly and I didn't have a navy blue 1950's dress either so everything worked out. Except that I'd still like a navy blue rayon 1940's dress too...

The Degas exhibition was all right, but was perhaps the first show I've seen at the Denver Art Museum that failed to really thrill me. I usually love museum exhibitions, even if I don't particularly like the artist or movement on show, but I guess Edgar Degas really just isn't for me. Though the exhibit was well put together, I personally prefer Baroque, Rococo, or other more realist styles of painting so the impressionists rarely thrill me. Controversial I know ;) I will say the shop at the end of the exhibition felt extra commercial to me this time too, in a way more crass than usual. I understand museums need to make more money (and I love museums, so I really want them too), but they had lots of children's ballerina costumes and French soaps and random tacky stuff that just seemed odd.  Sticking to just postcards/books/prints of the artworks would really seem less...icky? Anyways--

I wore the navy dress with a little vintage hat I bought ages ago to wear with my navy and ivory Lilli Ann suit and hadn't worn with anything yet. I really like the funny little feather in the front of this hat. Otherwise I kept it simple with all ivory accessories. The crochet gloves are somewhere between white and ivory so they look a bit stark against the rest, but hopefully you agree they still work. This was the third day of my curl set in my hair so I was really pleased it held up so well. I can't wash my hair as much as I would normally like right now since it is just barely holding onto the brown color so I have to extend my sets longer like a real vintage gal these days ;) I've been brushing out my style, rolling the top front area into standing pin curls and rolling the rest in large flat pin curls and finishing by wrapping my head in a net scarf to sleep. It's a bit irritating to sleep covered in metal pin curl clips of course, but worth it to have your hair almost instantly "done" in the morning.

I hope you all had a good weekend, I have been a bit bogged down in tech issues and may be blowing my savings on a new desktop computer for video and photo editing. It's been something I needed to invest in for ages and have been putting off for a few years now. I always want to buy vintage suits and handbags instead, they are just so much more fun!

Dress, Handbag, Gloves, Brooch, & Hat: Vintage (via Etsy)
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Fishnets: Amazon


  1. These photos are so Vogue! This dress fits you perfectly - I'm glad that even though it wasn't quite what you thought it was going to be, it wasn't a total loss.

  2. Oh my, such a classic look - really stunning. I love the way the hat and brooch make the dress something so much more! Kx

  3. I love this simple classic look! You look like you are right off the cover of a vintage magazine!! It's just so striking!


    1. Thank you Janey! The stark modern architecture backdrop was useful for a more editorial edge ;)

  4. That's beautiful - so simple and elegant. The hardest sort of look to pull off, as one wrong element would jar (but none here does).


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