April 23, 2018

Cataloging Catalogs: Ward's Fall/Winter 1947-1948, Hats!

We have arrived at the first few pages of accessories from the 1947/1948 Fall Winter Montgomery Wards Catalog! There are some truly spectacular hats here for your browsing pleasure, even if we are now transitioning into spring instead. What do you all think, should I switch to one of my Spring/Summer catalogs for a while and resume scanning this one in the Fall? I also do have a few 1950's catalogs too, so would you like to see more 1940's catalogs or switch to a 1950's one for a while? Let me know!

Sadly it was another glamour-less weekend for me, as I ended up with an eye irritation that has me looking a bit lopsided and unable to wear eye-makeup for another few days. It was such a beautiful day outside here today too, I would have loved to have gotten dressed up and jaunted down to my favorite spot in Denver (the botanical gardens) to enjoy the first blooms and the sun. Hopefully I can do just that next weekend, but with the way my luck has been going this past week I shouldn't jinx it!!


  1. I hope your eye starts feeling better soon! Some of these hats are just fabulous, thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent hats. Given so many women wore hats, and it's hard to wear a hat out, I wonder where they all ended up?..

    1. I have a few of them ;) And I'd like a few more of course...


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