April 12, 2018

Cataloging Catalogs: Ward's Fall/Winter 1947-1948, Even More Dresses!

Sometimes in the middle of scanning all of these pages the dresses start to look very similar. Well, truth be told, many of these dresses are very similar, but the first few pages of today's run actually have some real gems that I would love to replicate for my closet! I am not a huge fan of a shirt dress/house dress myself, just because I feel they make me look super matronly for whatever reason, but the different style lines and pretty geometric patterns of the other dresses here are right up my alley!

I promise I'll be back with more than inspiration images soon, I've been both busy writing and waiting out my awkward in-between-hair-color and in-between-weather situations! There is an end in sight for all of those issues, so you will see more of me soon ;)


  1. I would cheerfully wear all those shirt dresses. I'm intrigued by the 'Gone with the wind' dress - I wonder how it got its name? Could it be the print?

    1. I think perhaps the high neckline and contrasting belt situation? I don't know, it doesn't seem to closely resemble any dress from the film


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