November 30, 2017

Patent and Purple

I think for a long time I avoided adding patent leather accessories to my collection because I thought it was just too easy for them to look like cheap plastic, and well, my opinion hasn't exactly changed. In fact none of the pieces I'm wearing here are real leather, all of them are faux patent leather (and the coat is faux fur!). The thing is, it seems like patent leather pumps were really popular in the 1940s, so I was forced to reconsider their appeal, and in doing so I discovered I really wanted a pair! 

So I headed over to Bait Footwear and picked up their Vonda heel in black. What can I say to defend myself? I am bad at saving and real good at "collecting" which is my fancy way of saying shopping. *ahem* I think for vintage style black patent pumps, the Vonda's are the best looking pair available anywhere right now. For some strange reason it is quite difficult to find basic pumps out there in the world, all the modern ones are pointed toe, or stiletto heel, or have weird platforms, or stacked heels, or some other quality that disqualifies them from my standards for basic pumps. 

I'm looking for: 
a) an attempt at a well balanced  heel (Royal Vintage have turned me into a stickler for heel placement! I've been spoiled), 
b) the same finish throughout (uppers and heels covered in the same leather/fabric),
c) a heel around 3 inches high, 
d) nothing too decorative making them either too fancy or too casual. 

My idea of a perfect heel is Royal Vintage's Marilyn, Remix Shoes Carmen, and when desperate Bait Footwear's Vonda (only because they are not as comfortable as the Marilyn or the Carmen). The thing is, none of these three options come in all of the neutrals a large vintage wardrobe demands. Where are the navy pumps? The dark brown pumps? (and yes, again, I know I am a spoiled brat...). I never shut up about shoes lately, I need to get over it. These are my petty concerns okay? I don't want to think about all my real concerns, let me think of shoes instead.

Anyways, here is the purple hair in its true glory. I can't help but love it, even while a little voice in my head shouts about it not being very adult or sophisticated. In truth I am bad at adulting and am hopelessly less sophisticated than I'd like to be, so perhaps indeed fun hair suits me just fine. Should I write a post about how my desire to be demure and elegant goes directly against my clumsy and lazy nature? Perhaps one day, but doesn't everyone want to seem demure and elegant? I'll at least dress the part as best I can...

Dress: Made by me
Clutch, Belt, Gloves, & Necklace: Vintage
Coat: Vintage (huge 80's faux fur realness)
Shoes: Bait Footwear
Fishnets: Amaon


  1. I love that phrase 'I am bad at adulting'! Your hair really is glorious and what a perfect match with the gloves. Kx

  2. Oh my I'm in love with these pictures. The purple hair reminds me of my grandmother who (somewhat accidently) dyed her hair purple. She certainly was the talk of the town.... It suits you great! (who cares about looking adult or sophisticated?!). ;)


    1. Thank you! I'm sure your grandmother rocked the purple hair!

  3. Bianca, you talk about shoes as much as you! Your outfit as usual is gorgeous. Who needs to be an adult when you can dye your hair to match your accessories?! I think it looks amazing.
    Along time ago during the grunge years I too dyed my hair purple but yours looks way better! Carol

    1. Thank you! I did indeed buy the gloves first in anticipation of dyeing my hair! I was (and am) really conscious of how "out of place/inauthentic" this hair color is with vintage clothes so I thought if I incorporated purple into other parts of my ensemble it would look more cohesive. I over think these things ;)

  4. Exceptional! Love your purple hair.


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