October 5, 2017

Checking in on Autumn

Is is autumn yet? Just checking...are plaid puns a thing? Apparently not. Well, autumn is here, it's October now so no one can deny it!

Have you noticed I have been working more hours? Because I certainly haven't been blogging much! For shame! I have to do some serious schedule re-configuring, but I'll have to make some time to do that...It is the best season for clothes though! Fall wins in my opinion, you get to wear some extra accessories because it can be a bit chilly ;)

For an example of fall greatness, this cotton dress seems like the fall evolution of gingham doesn't it? I spotted this vintage dress on Etsy, and when the measurements were so close to mine I ended up snatching it up. The bust is a bit too small, like a tiny tiny bit, so I may cheat and move the button a smidge? I'm not sure yet. I just love the navy, brown, orange, and grey colors all together and decided to style the dress with all dark brown accessories for its first wearing. These gloves are new too, and I really LOVE them, the detailing is super gorgeous! I am on a bit of a glove buying spree recently. I have added several new colors of gloves to my collection, but sadly the burnt pumpkin orange color I ordered this week will never arrive as the seller canceled my order since they couldn't find them! The hunt for pumpkin orange gloves in a size 8 continues.

Tonight's post is going up sooo late, but I was finishing a video to go up tomorrow! I have lately discovered I am trying to do too much, but more on that later. I hope you all are having fun with fashion this fall, we have to find joy where we can these days <3

Dress: Vintage (Etsy)
Bag, Gloves, Brooch, Belt, Earrings: Vintage
Fishnets: Amazon
Shoes: Unique Vintage


  1. A glorious fall outfit, and what fabulous photos to show it off! Kx

  2. That dress epitomises fall! Great colours. And a nice touch with the leafy brooch. A girl can never have too many gloves..

  3. Gorgeous dress, the colours really suit you. Loving the Autumn look.

    1. Thank you Kate-Em! I'm loving autumn scenery and weather, if only winter would stay away a bit longer!


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