October 30, 2017

All Hallows Eve

When I first made this striped dress earlier in the year, I knew it wold be as perfect for Halloween as it had been for summer sun. With the weather here in Colorado being ever unpredictable, a cotton dress can still be perfectly suitable in October. Even though it was sunny and bright out this past weekend, sadly most of the leaves have fallen to the ground now signally fall is truly dying away.

I had these long orange gloves on my Etsy wishlist for ages before I finally snapped them up. I don't like paying a ton for gloves, and these weren't crazy expensive or anything, just more than I normally pay (I try to never pay more than $20 really, and even then they have to be pretty great). Look at them though! Dark orange ruched gloves, so wonderful and perfect for fall! I figured with orange gloves and dark purple hair this dress would look more Halloween, and for added effect I pinned on my large spiderweb and spider brooch too. I would love to wear this outfit to say...Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party at Disneyland, but sadly, unlike last year, I won't be able to attend this season. Anyone want to fly me out to Disneyland? Perhaps next year <3

I don't have anything particular planned yet for Halloween this year. Since it's a weeknight I will probably just watch something spooky and find some nice treats to snack on! I watched Sleepy Hollow on the good old Netflix over the weekend for some foggy 18th century Halloween vibes, and I did see that Nightmare Before Christmas is available to stream currently as well, so I may end up watching that. I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Modcloth
Gloves, Handbag, Brooch, Earrings, & Belt: Vintage


  1. I like your Halloween outfit - I'm not big on dressing up as well but I love the spooky touches on your outfit haha!! I also love the orange accessories - gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Nora! I used to love dressing up, I love costumes! But I haven't had any time the past few years :( I loved your Newt/Hufflepuff look <3

  2. Hi Bianca, Your outfit is stunning! I love the dress and even though orange isn't one if my favourite colours those gloves really make it. Carol x

  3. It looks like a 1930s version of the gown from Sleepy Hollow :)
    Beautiful outfit!!!

  4. Very pretty dress and the orange gloves are super.


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