August 30, 2017

Wild Blackberry

A few weeks ago I found out that a new vintage shop in Denver not only sold clothes, but they also bought them, which was my cue to set up an appointment to see if they would be interested in any of the vintage I have accumulated that doesn't fit me or isn't my style. Many vintage/retro gals will know, when you are the "retro"girl in a community, people will sometimes offer you their friends grandmas old hats, or their great aunt had some vintage clothes and do you want them, etc. So I had acquired a pile of stuff that wasn't really my taste or size. Off I went to the vintage shop and did manage to sell a few things, but of course I found something to take home with me too!

This late 50's early 60's dress was a bit outside my comfort zone as I don't usually buy/make skirts that are gathered or pleated at the waist, I just don't think them as flattering as circle skirts. As a result, despite my liking it in the small fitting room, I'm not sure I like it as much now, it makes me look like a housewife and perhaps in a dowdy way. The double collar detail is so nice though! I don't have many "true" vintage dresses (this makes 3 I think?) so when this one fit I thought I'd go for it, even if it makes me feel less glam than I usually go for. I like the moody colors and the lightweight nylon/cotton-ish feeling fabric (it's quite sheer) makes it a good transitional dress for the end of summer into autumn. I think I'd like to try another shirtwaist style dress with an A-line or circle style skirt to see if I like that better. If only I came across vintage dresses in a 40"-30"-42"+ more often!

Which reminds me, why (WHY!!!) don't people mark some indication of the size in their listing titles on Etsy? Just give me some indication of size people, s,m,l, 25" waist, any shred of detail! I really appreciate when sellers do put even a basic indication of the size in the title, that way I don't have to click on every dress I think I might like only to see it is way too small. If I see L in the title at least I know I have a chance the measurements will be near mine. The vintage shop where I picked up this dress had the dresses arranged by color, but they also had the bust, waist, and hip measurements listed on each tag which was awesome!

Whew! I had a super busy work week, so I can't wait to relax a (tiny) bit and get some sewing done tomorrow. I never stop, I work at work and I work at home ;)

Dress: Goldmine Vintage
Handbag & Jewelry: Vintage
Shoes: Amazon


  1. I really like this dress on you, I don't think it is dowdy at all. Lovely print and colours.

    1. Thank you Kate-Em! The colors were definitely what caught my eye about the dress to start with!

  2. You look lovely, not at all housewifey, and the bag and shoes are smashers.

    I hear you on the sizing front - I'm an xxl, and nothing gets me down more than sites that don't put sizes in their headers, so I keep clicking on things that won't fit me. (Don't get me started on shops that put all their garments, regardless of size, on one slender model or mannequin and then pin them to fit... just let me see what it would look like on my body, dagnabbit!)

    1. Thank you Mim! The no sizes in the titles drive me CRAZY! Why would I click on it, why? It's such bad marketing! I understand for shops like Fab Gabs where the shop is established/well known, and arranged entirely by size, but everybody else has no excuse!

  3. The Dress is very elegant and beautiful. You look so sophisticated (I am German, hopefully this is the word I was looking for) and vintage-fashionable.


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