May 31, 2017

Summer Style Inspiration 2017

The heat has finally arrived, and darn it if Colorado hasn't gone from snowing to 84 degree days like the flip of a switch! Where are the nice mild mid 70s sorta days? 

Now that the sun is out, it's time to get busy on all of my summer sewing projects! Before I cut into any more fabrics, I thought today I would share with you a collection of fun images inspiring my sewing plans and style for the summer ahead of us. Click on the image to be taken to it's source (unless I could only find it on Pinterest which is always irritating!). I hope you enjoy these images, I went for a lot of black and white photos this year for some reason. I have added two white dresses to my wardrobe this year already so clearly white has finally entered my styling vocabulary, and I like it best paired with black for the sharp contrast! What sorts of styles have been inspiring you lately?


I have tried to find sources for as many of these images as I could by searching Google by the images themselves, because Pinterest can often be such a dead end, but sometimes Pinterest is the only place I can find the image! Sorry about that!


  1. So many gorgeous vintage pieces for summer! I absolutely adore the skirt suit you posted on Instagram and I love the red, white and blue dress too. The one with all the buttons down the front has long been one I've wanted to replicate. The problem is there's far too many I want to make, I can't fit them all in! xx

    1. That striped red white and blue dress is amazing! I wish I could find nice fabric like that, the last stripe I worked with the striped were just a bit misprinted which made cutting everything out a "fun" challenge!

  2. Some rather fabulous outfits here. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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