Thursday, May 18, 2017

Petit Nouveau Noir

I'll tell you everything, but not here, not now. Meet me in the garden of the Petite Palais, tomorrow, 10 o'clock. Make sure you are not followed.

Something about such a quiet garden on a rainy morning in Paris seems to suggest secret rendezvous. A femme fatale in the shadow of a classical column perhaps, or maybe my mind just likes to run away with story ideas as usual.

If you are a really long time reader of this blog (thank you btw) you may remember this fabric! I used it to make an Edwardian gown way back in 2014. Inspired by the famous black and white House of Worth gown, I chose this swirling floral white taffeta with black flocked patterning. I had some fabric left over and had long planned to make something 50's out of the scraps, but it wasn't until I had Paris in my plans that I finally put the dress together. I am mostly happy with how it came out, I wish I'd make the neckline  a bit lower and included a bit more ease overall as the fabric has zero stretch, but it does feel very fun to wear! Figuring out just how to position the pattern was extra difficult as the fabric isn't truly mirrored or symmetrical. The print is very slightly offset, which results in a fabric that when cut without centering things looks like you didn't know how to center the design, or if you do cut it centered it looks a bit off like you did a poor job of it! No winning there so I had to get creative. I ended up piecing everything together as best I could with the oddly shaped piece of fabric I had left, but it took me a good deal longer to cut out this dress than any I have made in a long time!

For its first outing I paired the dress with black accessories and wore it on a visit to the Petit Palais museum in Paris. Since the fabric design is rather Art Nouveau I thought it would fit it well with the Belle Epoque styling of the gorgeous building and beautiful art work within. I especially loved seeing the Edwardian hair combs of course, as I collect them myself and love wearing them when I have longer hair. My dress does rather match the ironwork railings below doesn't it? The museum had a special exhibition on of 18th century religious artworks which combined one thing I love (18th century painting) with one thing I don't really care for (religious artworks) but I really enjoyed it as 18th century biblical scenes tend to be more allegorical and beautified. I didn't get to see much other rococo artwork this trip since we had an itinerary packed with Impressionists, but that just gives me another excuse to return in the future again doesn't it ;)

How's that for a throwback Thursday? Not too shabby, gotta love Paris!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Royal Vintage Shoes
Belt: Thrifted
Fishnets: Amazon
Handbag, Gloves, & Jewelry: Vintage


  1. It does seem like a secretive kind of place, I love the 'story' you made up to accompany these photos! Another lovely dress made by your fair hands, and suits the setting very well x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! We arrived when they had just opened so it was very quiet and definitely seemed the perfect spot for a rendezvous ;)

  2. I love the story you told to go with this photo shoot. You look amazing, and very much like a secret agent waiting to rendezvous. That second to last shot in particular is just gorgeous. Beautiful print and fit on that dress, and your sleek waves are giving me some serious hair envy.

    1. Thank you Jessica! It was hard to keep may hair looking sleek with the chilly wind in Paris, but this was at the start of the day so it wasn't so bad yet ;)


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