November 14, 2016

Shoreside Glamour

Sand in your shoes, and sea salt in your hair, some might think the beach is the one place glamour cannot extend to reach. I disagree, what after all is more glamorous than big sunglasses and and even bigger hat?

I paired a tropical print one-piece suimsuit with my black sateen circle skirt for breakfast on the beach at our hotel, and wore the ensemble over to the pool where I needed only to remove my skirt to take a quick swim in the refreshing cool waters. A simple beach cover up or sarong are just as nice for beach side adventures, but when you want to feel a bit more Grace Kelly I recommend a circle skirt! Of course I couldn't eschew my winged eyeliner either, though I did opt for waterproof as I knew I'd be swimming ;)

An outfit post without shoes? Yep. What do you all wear to the beach when you still want to look put together?

Swimsuit: Amazon
Skirt & Bolero: Made by me
Hat: Target
Earrings: TJ Maxx


  1. I had no idea that was a swimsuit - I was thinking what a wonderful top, and perfect with the skirt! Some beautiful photos! Kx

    1. Thank you! Swimsuits do double, which means I got to pack less!

  2. You look great and so does the beach!

  3. Fantastically glamorous beach outfit!


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