November 17, 2016

Bridesmaid in Blue

While this dress didn't come out like I had originally planned, it worked on the day, and for a bridesmaids dress that's all that matters!

Thank goodness the underskirt/skirt lining was only an A-line cut instead of a circle skirt like the blue fabric because the wind was whipping around quite a lot during the wedding ceremony! I do think that with some modifications I will use this same center front gathered style bodice again, perhaps for a winter dress with some long sleeves. The skirt for this dress turned out a little shorter than I would have liked, but the silk fabric had a mind of its own so I am just lucky I got to behave as much as I did in the end. I didn't end up finishing a matching bolero in time (it's still down in my sewing room half sewn where I left it the night before the trip!) but with how humid and hot it was down in Tulum I probably wouldn't have worn it anyway. I really need to work on making the perfect bolero pattern, they all look so easy but somehow I keep running into fit issues. I'd like to make a black wool suit with a bolero style jacket but not before I figure out the perfect pattern!

It seems funny now posting these photos from sunny Tulum when we had our first snow in Denver today! These are the last of the photos I shot down in Mexico, so I hope you all have enjoyed the little sojourn to the tropics! Now it's time to return to plaids, wools, jumpers, and all things pine scented and cozy!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Zara
Belt Buckle (actually a brooch): Vintage
Jewelry: Kohls? (bought for a school dance too many years ago to remember)


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