October 16, 2016

Sunday Spotlight: Desk Set

Sometimes it can be nice escape into an old Hollywood film for an afternoon, and goodness knows I'd like to work for Katherine Hepburn's character Ms Watson in the reference department with the other cute gals in this film! 1957's desk set feels strangely modern, with a computer threatening to make the reference department workers obsolete. I was also pleasantly surprised to find myself watching a romantic comedy about an actual adult woman, whereas now it seems we don't really make romantic films about anyone over the age of 30. The film was light and fun, and the fashions were wonderful! I loved all of the super chic "office wear", especially the great grey jacket Hepburn wears in her first scene and her shining silver Christmas party dress. You can admire the fashions yourself as the film is available now Netflix!


  1. Oooh, if only modern offices looked so chic.

    1. Right?! If only there were still entire department stores that sold such cute stuff too ;)


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