October 12, 2016

Costumes From Your Closet: Vol. 3

All Hallows Eve approaches, and I know you all like to prepare a costume in advance right? Even if Halloween is on a Monday this year, bummer! Last year I did two posts about quick retro costumes you could probably pull at least 50%-ish of from an average retro/vintage gal's closet, and well-- I'm back again this year with 5 more ideas! (Last year's posts here and here).


Got some pink 50's clothes? Add a pink or strawberry blond (or any of her other hair colors in the film!) curly wig, and a pink ladies jacket too if you are dedicated :) I used to really love Grease when I was a kid, and when I watched it for the first time as an adult I was scandalized at how dirty it was having never realized of course in my naive youth! Still, Grease was probably my earliest exposure to 1950's style and I still love the stylized mid-century design. Any of the pink ladies are excellent options for Halloween, and it would be a super great group costume for a troupe of friends!

Agent Peggy Carter

I selfishly left Peggy off of my lists last year because, well, I was Peggy last year! I'll probably go as Peggy again this year too actually, she's one of my favorite characters after all. If you have got any 1940s suiting or separates you can totally put the agent Carter look together with ease. A button down blouse in silk with either a dark colored skirt or high waisted trousers work well too if you don't want to go for the full suit look. I made some fake SSR file folders and picked up a cheap plastic pistol for my costume last year and had tons of fun posing as Peggy!

Gaby Teller

I really loved the recent The Man From Uncle film as I found the style totally captivating! (The soundtrack is amazing too btw, give it a listen!) Gaby Teller is a total babe and I really wish the film had done better so we could have gotten squeals. If you've got a mod dress and some white accessories you could easily pull together a Gaby costume, just add one of those cute opposing agents and some secret spy gadgets :)

Early Aviatrix 

You can't go wrong pulling style inspiration from some pioneering women of the past, so why not go as an early aviatrix this Halloween? Plus a nice leather jacket will keep you warm even if you are only flying from pub to pub on a Halloween crawl. As it is already quite chilly by Halloween here in Colorado, I always try and keep comfort in mind while brainstorming costumes! I realize many of us don't have jodhpurs hanging in the closet, but just think of how a costume would be a great excuse to finally get a hold of a pair. The goggles are readily found in costume shops or online and you're good to go!

So what are you all going as for Halloween this year? I'll be at work during the day so I'll probably just wear my Peggy dress for fun and handing out candy in the evening. I don't care if I am an "adult" now, I still love dressing up, so much so that I could never resign such fun to only one day a year ;)


  1. Augh, I'm still so ticked off that Agent Carter got cancelled! I'm sure here in the UK it would have had a much larger audience on a different channel - it was on FOX, which is quite blokey, not not available to everyone. If the BBC had bought it in for Saturday teatime viewing, it would have been a smash.

  2. Great ideas! I'm being lazy this year and just going as a "Beanie Baby" (basically cat ears, a comfy outfit, and a printed TY tag around my neck) since I'm only handing out candy.

    1. Thanks Kate! I recently saw a photo of someone's pet cat with a big TY tag for Halloween and it was so adorable! I'm sure the human version will be just as cute :)

  3. I like all of these but Frenchie really appeals as I love Grease. I'm with you, I didn't realise how dirty it was when I first watched it either!

    1. Right?! So surprising when I watched it again in my late teens ha!


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