August 15, 2016

Checkered Shade

How many gingham dresses is too many? I'm up to three now! This one is actually brown and white, though you can hardly tell in these photos. I didn't want the dress to look too country, and I feared with the puffed sleeves it could veer that direction, but perhaps it came out tight enough that the body-con effect cuts the country-girl aesthetic! Opps, took a little too much ease out when I put in the zipper ;)

I paired the dress with navy accessories purely so I could wear my new Chelsea Crew heels from Royal Vintage Shoes. I bought the red and white pair back in Spring and hadn't been tempted by the black and white or the gold...but navy? Uhh yeah...had to have them. That meant I could wear this large navy straw hat again too which is always fun, even if I had three separate hat pins to try and make it stay put. My newest Miriam Haskell's inspired jewelry set (DIY here) was the last ditch effort to try and pull out some more of the brown from the gingham, but the dress still looks grey or even blue in these photos!

This is the last of my planned gingham dresses for now, but as I am not crazy pleased with how it came out, I may have to try and re-make it next year as this piece just doesn't match the idea I had in my head. Ah well not all sewing projects end as they begin. Onto the next project!

Dress: Made by me
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Royal Vintage Shoes)
Belt: Amazon
Gloves, Hat, & Handbag: Vintage
Jewelry: Made by me


  1. One can never have too much gingham anything!!!

    This dress is especially cute! I love the neckline!


  2. The dress may not have turned out quite how you pictured it, but I think you look smashing! The cut is really flattering on you, and I love the subtle details on the sleeves. Beautiful accessories as well - navy blue and brown are a great combination, and one that you don't see all that often.
    And to answer the original question, no, you can never have too much gingham in your life!
    Jessica, Zella Maybe

    1. Thank you Jessica! I meant to add the white trim to the neckline too but then I totally forgot ;)

  3. I think I have at least 3 gingham dresses too! Nothing wrong with that!! (Because I just ordered another one...). You look gorgeous, and as Jessica says, the colour combo is one that we should see more often x

    1. Thank you Porcelina! I do have even more gingham fabric in my stash (in green and white) but I think it will have to wait for next years summer sewing :)

  4. Ravishingly elegant ensemble. I love this whole glamorous look, as well as the beautiful orchard setting that you shot in in. Your navy and white t-bar spectator heels are off-the-charts beautiful. I epicly want a pair now, too. :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I ordered the shoes as soon as I saw them, oops! Already having the red and white pair and knowing they were comfortable definitely swayed that quick decision ;)

  5. I think that there is never enough gingham and I really like this dress. It looks super with your necklace which looks so authentic! Marvellous shoes!


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