July 21, 2016

Shaded Leaves

This layered leaves print blouse is still one of my favorites from the batch of tops I made last year, I love a print with a dark background! The cotton batik fabric was very crisp and nice to work with while sewing too, I ended up making another top in the same fabric in a different colors (tan and brown) while I was still in my kimono sleeved top mania last spring. They are the perfect thing to just throw on with any skirt all summer long.

However much I love this top, the real reason I put this outfit together was so I could wear my petticoat again! The novelty and fun of swishing around hasn't worn off yet, and I made good on my promise to acquire another petti in black over my recent birthday! I don't think I'll be investing in any other colors soon as I expect ivory and black will be adequate to match nearly any outfit I have, but you never know when Malco Modes might release the Samantha (my preferred petticoat style) in navy blue... I do have plans for more circle skirts like this black sateen one though, the more skirts I make the more often I can wear my petticoats! I already have some lipstick red sateen waiting in my sewing room to become my next skirt :)

In the effort for full disclosure and sharing the real alongside the fabulously vintage, I have actually been feeling a bit stretched this week (hence no post yesterday, oops). I just feel like I have so many creative endeavors I want to be spending time on, and not nearly enough time and energy to actually spend on each! Hopefully this upcoming weekend I can get caught up on a few of my projects (like filming for YouTube...) and feel a bit more productive overall. Do any of you ever get stuck in a summer slow down slump?

Skirt and Blouse: Made by me
Handbag, Jewelry, & Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Modcloth
Petticoat: Malco Modes
Sunglasses: Amazon


  1. Very glam for wandering around the fields! It's a great print on that top, I agree. I can almost hear the rustle of that petticoat.

  2. Goodness, do I feel the same way these too, especially since (stop the presses, I've actually managed to inch out a teeny bit of time to craft again - and it's been incredible!!!). So many things to do, countless hours to few in the day to get to even a fraction of them all. I like to think though that surely it's better to be this way than to not have a lot of interesting, fun filled things on one's plate, especially if you're the type, as I am, who almost always likes to be productive/on the go.

    This outfit is so elegantly beautiful! I really like how you echoed the leaf print of the blouse with your brooch choice. Great styling!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! and hooray for crafting time! <3

  3. Pretty outfit! Super hair do. Is that curls, or a rosette of hair on the left? Looks lovely.

    1. Thank you Kate! It is indeed just my hair curled and pinned back, I really need to get it trimmed again!


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