July 4, 2016

Garden Center

What do you wear when you go shopping for plants? Well, I happened to be wearing a big 1940's straw hat and lots of navy blue on this particular trip to the garden center! I got a few stares for sure, this is suburbia after all! I didn't mind, the hat did a great job of shading my eyes as I helped choose some new flowers for our back garden.

This hat (and I know this sounds like a broken record by now) was another of the many straw numbers I found over the last winter/spring. It's the most perfect ginormous navy blue straw hat and I am so happy to have found it! However, figuring out how to store it was an interesting situation. In the end I folded some cardboard into a correctly sized box, lined it, and now it lives at the top of my closet, but I need to get something acid free (archival is best!). It was just too big to fit in any of my other hat storage boxes, its that big around!

 For it's first outing the hat jointed a rather 4th of July appropriate red and navy outfit. I made the blouse last fall and really wish I had done the bow just an 1 1/2 higher or so, but this was a first go at the pattern so it isn't perfect. Still the tiny flower print is fun and pairs perfectly with my navy twill pencil skirt and some red accessories. Here you can see the other Luxulite brooch and earrings set I bought, I couldn't pass up some classic red cherries now could I? I may have just ordered two new pieces from Luxulite as an early birthday present to myself too, oops!

I worked on the Edwardian adventuress ensemble all weekend and I can't wait to show you all how its come together! Now I just have to figure out how to make my bobbed hair look like a Gibson Girl pompadour...at least from the front, I'm not above cheating ;)

Blouse & Skirt: Made by me
Hat, Belt, & Handbag: Vintage
Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Royal Vintage Shoes)
Brooch & Earrings: Luxulite


  1. Love your outfit, especially the hat ;)

  2. This will sound weird, but I've had luck storing my wide brim, shallow crown hats in pizza boxes! These have worked great, and you can stack them. Obviously you want unused ones, I'm lucky my local place has an accommodating owner.

    1. That is a great idea! We actually have very pizza-shaped-ish boxes at work that would probably work, but I always worry about them not being acid free. I really need to buckle down and order museum quality acid free boxes for all of my hats but they are quite expensive!

  3. goodevening Bianca,
    this outfit is a Dream!..so Fabolous on You!the skirt & blues are a work of Art,very well done!...
    the bicolor Shoes are very nice and also the acessories...but the hat give You such Power! when wear hats You shine such Pwerfull!...like the last photo

  4. Wonderful outfit! Your Luxulite jewelry is even more radiant here in the glistening summer sunshine. I'm sure you were the most chicly attired customer to ever shop at that garden center.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I may have treated myself to some more Luxulite for my birthday, I can't resist those adorable cherries!

  5. Fantastic hat! I can see why storing it would be tricky though. I'm not surprised you ended up with some more Luxulite treats. Her pieces are so fabulous!


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