May 15, 2016

Sunday Spotlight: Lilli Ann

If you know the name, you are already swooning. For those who have yet to be introduced to the label sewn into the most fabulous mid-century suits, welcome, here there be glamour. 

Opening in 1933 in San Francisco, Lilli Ann was named after founder Adolph Schuman's wife Lillian. The label was quickly recognized for it's high quality tailoring, great Parisian designer level style, and fine European textiles. Schuman imported textiles from Europe, working with the established mills to reorganize the way they were structured for a mutual benefit to the mills and Lilli Ann. The customers benefited too, who doesn't love fine European textiles after all? Schuman even insisted on a certain pay level for the mill workers, how great is that? Though a great businessman Schuman's wife and the designer Jean Wright were the creative minds, and other designers worked behind the scenes through the years. Transitioning from some truly wild styles in the forties, into the sleeker sophisticated looks in the fifties, Lilli Ann was in business all the way up to the millennium, finally closing in 2000. These days Lilli Ann suits can be found in pricier vintage shops, online, and if you are very very lucky- out in the wilds of thrift shops or antique malls.

Collected and coveted even today, no one can deny the chic glamour of a Lilli Ann suit. 

Why am I choosing to spotlight Lilli Ann today? Stay tuned folks :)


  1. Oo, have you got yourself a suit?! I can't wait to see what you've found. I only recently heard of Lilli Ann, I have never come across the label in the flesh, as I don't shop in high-end vintage places.

  2. Delightful post! I haves so much love for LA!!! I own one piece so far, a charming purple polka dot suit jacket (alas, the skirt was long gone by the time I salvaged it from the racks of a woefully overcrowded and, frankly, dirty second hand shop) and pretty much keep it under bullet proof glass (okay, not really, but is very protected and never allowed near extreme temps or direct light unless I'm wearing it).

    Tons of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Beautiful! Particularly liking the suits in pictures 2&3.


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