May 4, 2016

Favorite Ladies on YouTube

As I have begun to adventure onto YouTube myself, and want to do a lot more in the future, I thought today I would highlight my favorite female YouTubers! These ladies have inspired me, made me laugh, and made me think about things both big and small in new ways.

Rosianna Halse Rojas

Probably best know for being YA author John Green's assistant and producing partner, Rosianna Halse Rojas is one of the most engaging women on YouTube in her own right. Whether talking about feminism, Harry Potter, self care or The West Wing, Rosianna's videos are spot on and make me question my own habits and opinions in the best possible way.


Lex Croucher's videos range from serious and important to parody and silliness at the drop of a hat, and both extremes are always wonderful. I just love her sense of humor and her travel vlogs are some of my favorites too!


Natalie Tran of communitychannel is the queen of the sketch as far as I know, and is both adorable and funny, the best combination! I don't know how you could not already be subscribed to Nat's channel, but if somehow this is the first you're hearing of her channel, get excited to watch one fabulous backlog of videos!


Akilah Hughes is another of the best sketch comedians on YouTube right now, in addition to being a super awesome social commentator and a great follow on twitter! Her observations are as on point as her jabs and I am always exited to see a new video of her's pop up in my subscription box.

Dodie Clark

The only YouTube musician on my list! I adore Dodie Clark, her music is excellent and her vlogs captured my heart with their radiating honesty. I just want to be Dodie's friend, and I am sure I'm not alone! She just couldn't be any cuter and her videos always make my day better.


Lucy Moon is another London based vlogger favorite of mine, perhaps I just envy all these London ladies as I want to live in their city! Lucy is a busy university student but still manages to make excellent vlogs, great travel videos, and agony aunt advice videos for her (admittedly mostly a bit younger than me) audience.

Fran Meneses

In addition to being a wonderful illustrator, Fran Meneses is also a great YouTuber! Her videos range from motivational advice on freelancing or becoming an illustrator, to travel videos and wonderful daily vlogs during December (a YouTube wide thing called Vlogmas). Another must follow, Fran is just too adorable!

The Brain Scoop

I have talked about Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop before on the blog (albeit ages ago) because I love the channel and her endless enthusiasm for science and museums! As a huge museum lover, I just love the behind the scenes footage from one of the world's best natural history musuems (The Chicago Field Museum) and the videos from her research trip to the Peruvian rain forest are both beautiful and facilitating.

So after you are all done watching and adding a few new ladies to your subscription boxes, please do tell me, who are your favorite YouTubers? I love adding new channels to my sub box!


  1. Fabulous list! I've really, really become a devoted YouTube watcher in recent years (all the more so after we ditched cable TV) and loved reading about some of your faves here. Off to check all that are new to me out. Thanks so much for this great compilation.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I can totally relate, I watch more YouTube than TV by a huge margin, which is why I upgraded to YouTube red so now I see no ads! (Priceless peace in a US election year avoiding all of the political ads!)

  2. I love the Brain Scoop! I think she's the only one I've seen before, as I generally don't watch videos. Thanks for sharing!

    -- Tegan

  3. I love Nat Tran! I actually met her at a vintage event once and went totally fangirl! Hahahah

    1. I don't know how people can not love Nat Tran! How awesome that you've met her, she seems like an adorable and lovely person, I would totally fangirl too!


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