April 13, 2016

Spring & Summer Vintage Accessory Essentials

Now I love me some accessories, I am a hat hoarder after all, but there are some gaping holes in my spring & summer accessories wardrobe! There are just a few items I have yet to come across in my shopping adventures that I am making a point to add to my wardrobe for the warmer months of the year. I thought today I'd share my list with you all!

1) Straw Handbag

Available on Etsy
I can't believe I don't have a single summery handbag! Be it wicker, straw, raffia or raffia, I am after a purse to wear with my spring florals and summery cotton dresses. The classic natural colored wicker and brown leather handbag above is a perfect example of the style I am after. I love it when vintage handbags have those little studs on the bottom to keep them off of surfaces too, it's such a nice detail! I only fear with the variety out there I may not be able to stop at just one :)

2) Vintage Style Sandals

Chelsea Crew Sedona Sandals at Trasy Diva
Then there is the footwear conundrum, as being on the average or shorter side I love my high heels all year round. I also have larger feet (size 10! uhg why) so I prefer heels as I feel like they make my feet look smaller. When summer rolls around I simply can't function without some comfortable sandals though! I'd like a more vintage styled pair and I like this great ivory option from Chelsea Crew available at Trashy Diva. Perfect with any summer dress right? 

3) High Heeled Sandals

The Veronica from Remix Shoes
But heels! Oh how I love them, and I could use a red pair for summer! These lovely leather platforms from Remix are calling to me, though silly me I forgot to try on this style when I visited the store in LA! I love this style in black suede too, but I really don't need another pair of black shoes. Red is such a perfect color for summer accessories as it goes with everything from fun brights to soft pastels!

4) Scarves to Wear in the Hair

Silk Scarf available on Etsy
In addition to my beloved straw hats I'd like to start wearing more scarves, and what better time than the warmer months to just throw my hair hair up in a scarf and call it done! I have a zillion scarves, but most are very busy and colorful and I'd like some classic bandanna and solid colored options. Since so much of my clothing is prints, I think solid scarves would be useful to have. Then there are fun simpler patterns like classic polka dots!

5) A Pretty Parasol

Vintage Parasol available on Etsy
If the shade of a summer hat isn't enough, what could be more chic than a parasol! I have one paper parasol already, but as it's pink it doesn't match as much as I'd like. I love the look of real vintage parasols from Japan or China in more natural tones and I'll be searching online to find one in good condition to take with me when I walk through the Denver Botanic Gardens (I love it there!) this spring and summer so I can avoid sunburn shoulders.

To be honest, I mostly just want to know what your spring and summer essentials are! Do let me know in the comments as this shopaholic always loves adding things to her list ;)


  1. I've recently ticked a raffia bag off my list, was pleased to finally find one I like. Lovely images, I like the lady with the pink scarf in her hair in particular.x

    1. Thanks Porcelina! I tried ordering a straw handbag this week and the Etsy seller mistakenly switched some labels and I ended up with some vintage acrylic teeth....yeah. So hopefully that gets sorted so I can get my perfect wicker purse instead!

  2. Terrific suggestions! While I don't claim to have a plethora of parasols, the only area here that I feel I'm really lacking is sandals. Between my super hard to fit feet and my pesky nickel allergy (which causes me to typically avoid buckles on shoes), it can be tricky to find vintage appropriate styles. I try to make up for that point with wedges instead, which are another fun vintage appropriate spring + summer footwear choice (thankfully! :)).

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I agree it can be hard to find good vintage appropriate sandals (that dont break the bank at least!) I could use a new pair of wedges myself ;)

  3. I found the most gorgeous wicker bag the other day but couldn't afford it so I will have to keep looking! I am quite keen on some of the sandals from Rocket Originals for summer.


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