March 16, 2016

Spring Shopping

1) I can't believe I still haven't scooped up some Luxulite jewelry, look how cute these cherries are! 

2) These pastel dream shoes are outside my usual style as they super girly, but also I love them! They look like macarron and ice cream. I wouldn't have a thing to pair them with!

3) How pretty is this floral skirt from Modcloth? And it's nice and long too!

4) Royal Vintage Shoes have some super cute spring offerings like these perfectly 40's heels.

5) This dress could be vintage it looks so midcentury! It's not, it's also available at Modcloth! 

6) A great blouse that would be perfect tucked into any spring skirt.

It's actually good to make a little list of things you actually "need" for each season, more practical things that will make your wardrobe more versatile. Great stockings, upgraded silk slips, a new petticoat, these are the things that can make your wardrobe look new and fresh. Of course a frivolous new hat that matches nothing I have is more my speed...oops! 

What I'm really on the look out for this spring are:

-A perfect straw or wicker handbag in a natural color
-An ivory or off white belt
-A spring green colored belt
-An ivory celluloid bracelet 
-1930's style print cottons in an apparel weight (where for art thou?)
-That one ubiquitous style of 30's tilted hat in ivory or white

I'm hoping to run into at least a few of these items in the near future either online, or perhaps even out thifting (I want to pick up my thrift shopping habits, I never go!).What's on your wishlist list for spring? 


  1. I just bought a pair of those Luxulite earrings, I really love her jewellery. The Modcloth dress is very pretty. I hope you find the things on your wish list. I would like to find a wicker handbag too.

    1. I really can't wait to get my hands on some Luxulite! I really need to invest in a set!

  2. I agree completely, plus, I find, a focused (realistic) wish/shopping list can go a very long way to cut down on impulse buying, particularly if you're saving up towards a certain figure in order to hopefully purchase some or all of those pieces.

    Luxulite's offerings are magnificent - and more than a little addictive. My collection has crossed into double digits now and shows no sign of slowing down. :)

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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