January 28, 2016

Memory of Fall

When the snow does melt, what are we left with? The last rusty brown leaves still clinging to their branches, frozen before they could fall to the ground, now just a memory of fall. Tan dead grass, brown barren branches, and dirty grey ice. In the end I prefer a nice dusting of snow to make it all seem a bit prettier and charming! 

Despite the missing greenery, winter does have some advantages I never remember until summer rolls around again. I love layering on the blankets and snuggling up with my cat (shes like a furry purring space heater) and I certainly don't get to do any of that in midsummer! My wardrobe gets pretty formulaic in winter though, skirt + sweater = done! This isn't just any sweater though, this black sweater is my new Lindy Bop Onassis sweater!

I had never ordered from Lindy Bop before, but have admired their fun pin-up dresses online for a while now. I had been keeping their Onassis sweaters in mind during my great vintage sweater search this past fall. When I saw the sweaters go on major sale just after Christmas, I had to snatch up a couple to fill some holes in my sweater wardrobe. I got the black and the navy blue for less than one sweater costs normally! I do love a good deal :)

I am quite happy with the quality of these sweaters. They are a nice weight and the higher neckline is perfect for wearing brooches. The best surprise was the navy sweater being a totally different color in reality than it appears on the website. It is a much darker truer navy blue, not the softer more mid-toned blue it appears on the web. This was an awesome surprise as far as I was concerned as I really needed a dark navy sweater in my closet! I bought the M/L size and am really happy with the fit in the chest and sleeves, but the waist is a bit big for my taste. I will probably end up figuring out a way to take the waist in at the sides so that these tuck into my skirts smoother. Wearing it in these photos I have the excess pushed to the center back for a smoother front. I would love to find/knit some truly hourglass-tastic sweaters where the waist tapers someday. To be fair to Lindy Bop, I do have a large difference between my bust and waist measurements, so for something to fit me at the bust and the waist I usually have to had made it myself!

I am really happy with these two new additions to my sweater collection, and they will be great transitional pieces with their mid length sleeves. The shipping did take forever, but I'm sure it was just super busy as they had just started their huge post-holiday sale.

The other new additions in this outfit are the fun little hat and sword brooch! The hat was another bargain Etsy find and turned out to be super great quality fur felt which was a nice discovery when it arrived in the mail. The little brooch is missing one tiny green rhinestone, so I will have to try and find one to replace it. A few more 1940's beauties to aid me in my goal to recreate some more authentic 40s looks this year :)

I hope you all aren't tired of plaid just yet, have I mentioned the plaid suit is almost finished?

Sweater: Lindy Bop
Skirt: Made by me
Hat, belt, brooch, earrings: Vintage
Shoes: Modcloth
Fishnets: Target


  1. I have to say it's nice to see a change in the seasons in your photos, even this weird in between period of winter and spring has a pleasant bleakness to it. Your outfits always have the most interesting and elegant details, I love that hat so much - and the brooch too!

    Deco Darling

    1. Thanks so much Harlow :) I know you are in the opposite weather extreme down there, though mid summer is not my favorite either!

  2. That's a particularly jazzy brooch, love it. I buy replacement stones off Ebay, just cubic zirconia not rhinestones, but you can't tell. Cheaper!

    I have been a bit disappointed with Lindybop tops, glad you had some success. Fever clothing also do a dark navy top I seem to recall.

    1. Thanks Porcelina! I'm going to try and remember to grab a few from the craft shop next time I am there buying fabric :)

  3. Dark clothing never look so good.. I love that feather hat and the brooch - and erm hello your makeup is spot on!

    1. Thank you Nora! Sometimes people ask me how I do my eyeliner and I have no response except that I have been doing it the same way since I was 16 :) If only I had just as steady a hand with a lip pencil, but practice makes perfect!

  4. Lovely outfit and I really like the hat and brooch. Great accessorising!


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