October 26, 2015

Waiting for the Night

The name of this dark purple lipstick is Feminist, and that only makes me love it even more. Sadly I get few occasions to wear such a deep gothic lip-color, and the week of Halloween is a good enough excuse!

There were a few years there (back in college) where I wore mostly all black, not in a gothic or rebellious way, but because I wanted to hide, blend in, and disappear. Because I hoped above all that black was indeed slimming, because I hated my body. Thankfully those days are long behind me now, and I can pull on an all black outfit like this one with absolutely no intention of blending in or fading away. The last week of October seems a fitting time to let out my inner goth, layer on the deep lipstick and brocade.

I definitely had a phase back in late middle school where I desperately wanted to wear all black and be "goth" in the subculture sense. My mother was having none of it though! Now as an adult I am thankful for such level headed guidance, and also can dress "goth" when ever I please! There are still things about gothic fashion I find deeply appealing, the dark romantic Victorian side of it all can be gorgeous when done well. Sometimes it's nice to borrow a bit from Morticia Addams and let your inner goth flag fly.

Blouse: Random mail order catalog ages ago
Skirt: Made by me
Tights: Target
Shoes: Modcloth
Faux Fur Shawl: H&M
Brooch: Vintage
Ring: Vintage
Earrings: I don't remember!
Hair comb: Vintage


  1. Woow, beautiful blouse :) Great look

  2. I love this style noir and very feminine, the mystery is the essence of the woman. You represent him perfectly! Also .. another dream location, so evocative and Gothic! Beautiful shoes and precious brooch!

    1. Thank you Serena! It is definitely my favorite location, and it is very near where I live!

  3. I like that blouse a lot, it's really elegant and perfect for a dark outfit like the one you are wearing.

  4. That brooch and hair comb set this look off to a tee! Halloween fabulous x

  5. Oh my word, what an incredible chic, glamorous outfit. The styling here is pure magic!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Ok, so how do you do your hair like that?! It looks fabulous. I love this darker look, it is very vampy and glamorous. What a great outfit!


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