October 15, 2015

Land Army Lass

Now in all honesty, I would make a terrible farm hand. I doubt I would have been in line to become a real woman's land army lass. I can't imagine living in war time, though I should perhaps start some sort of rationing program to limit my fabric shopping...

When this jumpsuit came into the shop where I work, I wasn't convinced. We all get to try on the new clothes every so often to be able to talk about the fit with customers, and I added this to my dressing room more as a joke than anything. I was surprised to find I really liked it! I immediately thought it looked rather 1940's, like a siren suit or something a WWII WASP would wear. I added my lace up boots and a practical head scarf to complete the look. Thank goodness for the 1940's turban trend because my hair would just not cooperate into any style! I really just need to get a hair cut!

These photos were shot on a visit to the Littleton Historic Museum, a local living history museum with two historic farms. The first farm is from the 1860's and the other is from the 1890's. They had a few cute little farm animals out and about too, including a rather adorable friendly donkey who I sadly didn't get a photo of! I highly recommend a visit if your happen to be local, the museum is free and really fun to walk around. I was happy to find a small pumpkin patch too, October is the best!

Jumpsuit: Banana Republic
Boots: Amazon (here)
Brooch: Vintage (Etsy, here)
Earrings: Vintage
Scarf: Thrifted, Vintage
Sunglasses: Amazon (here)


  1. I love military jumpsuits ! Beautiful combination and suggestive photos!



  2. You look like the perfect land-girl pinup! xx

  3. Awesome!!! This is such a stylish, fantastic take on the classic 1940s Land Army look.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. It definitely works for a Land Girl look! Great set of photos! Turbans are a blessing for uncooperative hair days!

  5. You look so great in that jumpsuit! And I love the brooch and earrings, they're super pretty!

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

    1. Thank you Carla! This is definitely one of my favorite brooches :)


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