October 28, 2015

Indian Cotton 18th Century Gown: Part 3

Look at that messy sewing table! This fabric has taken over!
I had a lovely sewing day working on the Indian cotton robe a l'anglaise! I knew my first task of the day would be to hand sew the back pleats down flat. Though I ended up with a raw fingertips after a while (there are many layers of fabric in these pleats!), it was worth it to have the pleats sewn flat with little prick stitches.

No I don't mind that the tiny stitches aren't perfect, looking at extant examples it didn't seem like they really bothered to always line them up either.

I sewed the front skirt panels to the back and started pleating! Thankfully pleating the skirt to the bodice went a lot faster than I thought it would. After I got the pleats sewn onto the bodice I decided to pause for the day, but only after I tried it on! I really like how this gown is coming along and I'm excited to sew in the sleeves and lining tomorrow!


  1. That's great about the pleating going faster than expected. Yay! I hope other elements whiz along quickly and enjoyably for you, too, sweet dear.

    Big hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I love pleating, it's one of those weird things I find really soothing. Can't wait to see this dress! I'm about to dive into a blue taffeta 1780's English gown. I think your stitches look fine, and very similar to extant garments.

  3. Lots of work there! Looking good!

  4. Love these construction posts :) Looks great so far!

    1. Thanks Siri! Hopefully I'll have it all finished by the end of today!


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