October 21, 2015

Costume Favorites: Film Part 2

Today I have a few more of my favorite film costumes to share with you all! Starting with miss Irene Adler from the recent-ish Guy Ritchie version. Most of her costumes weren't very accurate, but I didn't really care, they were fun! My favorite was the rich pink satin gown and large floral hat she wore for her introduction. 

No one will be surprised by my next pick, Elsa Schneider from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade is such a stylish villain! I love all of her costumes, but especially her suits!

Of course when it comes to film costumes, I can't not mention Titanic, who doesn't love those costumes? My favorites are Rose's tea gown in green with the orange belt and the ever gorgeous jump dress of course!

Probably my earliest favorite film costumes are from Lord of the Rings. I was Arwen for Halloween when I was 12 and I still have the ivory velvet cloak to prove it! My favorite costumes of Arwen's are definitely the deep blue and red "dying frock" as the costume designer put it and the blue and silver gown she wears when she returns to Rivendell. Eoywn wears some pretty beautiful gowns too, though the green crushed velvet is my favorite.

Then of course there are all of Padme Amidala's costumes in the Star Wars prequels. I know people hate the prequels, but these costumes were gorgeous! Beautiful fabrics, very historical silhouettes! I am not a huge prequel hater myself, the design was great even if the acting/ was mostly abysmal. My favorite of Padme's gowns is this blue velvet ensemble she wears in episode II. I am excited to see the new Star Wars costumes this December!

Of course I have many more favorite film costumes, I could go on forever! It's shocking to me I have never recreated any of these costumes, I will have to solve this problem soon! Which should I make first? :)


  1. Great choices! The costuming - oversized hats very much included - in Titanic still slay be to this day. That film will always make it into the top 25 best (modern) historical movies from a fashion standpoint for me.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! I quite agree, I was happy to catch a showing of Titanic on the big screen a few years ago in London which was lucky as I missed it in theaters when it came out in '97, being 6 years old and all ;)

  2. I just watched Titanic again few days ago on tv. I saw it at least 3/4 times so I just thought "let's watch it for just 15 minutes". Of course I ended up watching the whole film, again! :)
    I love the costumes of that film (and recently discussed about them on a FB group) so I think you should start from the green dress, it's so beautiful!

  3. It will be really difficult to decide which of these lovely costumes to make first. They are all so rich and sumptuous looking. I rather like the first one with that contrast in pink waterfall against the blue.


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