September 10, 2015


I doubt pencil skirts would be very useful when doing field work of any kind, and this ensemble turned out much more glam-safari-guide than archaeologist adventure chic-- but either of those two descriptors work for me. I did indeed go on a bit of an adventure today, including attempting to find well hidden treasure. However, the treasure in this instance was by beloved cat Cleo who was hiding (I looked EVERYWHERE!) and the adventure was taking her to the vet. Her mighty roar (okay, scared screech) was pulling at my heartstrings the whole drive there. I am such a cat lady!

Compared to the cat adventures, documenting this outfit was a breeze. As summer is drawing to a close I have to get the last few safari-ish outfits out of my system before my khaki shirts are put away till next year. Are there winter safari's? I didn't bother to do much to my hair today, this is its natural texture when left to its own devices. I feel like it was curlier when I was younger, now it is sort of just a bit wavy. It's funny to think that way back in 2013 when I started this blog I had a bob haircut! Luckily both my hair and blogging/writing have grown a lot since then!

Shirt: Thrift Shop (LL Bean)
Skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Amazon (here)
Brooch and Bracelets: Vintage
Earrings: National Gallery Gift Shop
Belt: Banana Republic
Sunglasses: Camden Market


  1. That ranger/archaeologist/safari look is such fun - but surely rangers and archaeologists work in the fall and winter too? I cannot believe you didn't do anything to your hair - envy from this quarter!! Kx

    1. Thank you, and I quite agree! I feel like the look is mostly worn in summer, but I'll have to try and incorporate some "lady adventurer" into my fall and winter wardrobe as well!

  2. Splendidly pretty outfit - and natural hair texture. You are so lucky to have waves/curls care of Mother Nature herself.

    Poor Cleo! I hope that the sweet dear isn't going through anything too major on the health front. Stella (our cat) passionately despises car rides, too (she's a bit better at the actual vet's office) and will hide better than a ghost if she even thinks the cat carrier is coming out, so I can fully relate to that struggle. Many sympathetic hugs to you both!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! Sometimes my hair behaves, sometimes it doesn't, perhaps I should wear it in it's natural state more often!

      Luckily Cleo should be on the mend now, she had a sore appear that needed looking at, but after a shot of antibiotics she should heal just fine. She is already much more herself today (shes sitting right next to me!) being sociable instead of hiding! I think Cleo had the same idea as Stella when I brought the carrier out yesterday, I spend hours looking and never found her until she decided to re-appear on her own!

  3. I like this safari outfit, the shade of brown in the skirt is lovely and you blend in so well to your chosen backdrop. Hope your cat is doing ok.

    1. Thanks Kate! My cat is doing much better, shes trying to distract me from typing right now even :)


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