September 22, 2015

Another Knitting Update for the 1930's 3 Hour Sweater

Well, the knitting portion of my first ever sweater is complete! Today I laid out the front and back and blocked them, and tomorrow I will do the same with the sleeves! Look at how pretty they are...

Okay so they aren't that pretty yet, and I sure do hope this darn thing fits after all this work! I am so used to instant gratification, finishing sewing projects in a day or definitely within a week. Knitting is going to be good for learning patience! I really enjoyed parts of knitting this sweater, and others I found much more nerve racking. Most of my frustrations were due to being a beginner and not knowing intuitively what the pattern meant. Hopefully it will only become more natural as I learn more and work my way through other patterns.

Speaking of other patterns, my next yarn order has already arrived! I bought five skeins of the lovely tweed effect flecked yarn below (the color is called farmhouse heather).

I intend to make the above sweater in said brown tweed yarn. The pattern is called Aiken and is by designer Andi Satterlund (ravelry page for the pattern here). I think the geometric lace neckline details could look quite art deco for a more 30's look. I have a brown skirt I am working on that would match the sweater perfectly.

I also picked up 7 skeins of the green yarn above, and it is such a pretty color! It is a mix of black and green fibers and the green fibers are a nice dark emerald. The color is called Aurora Heather. I should probably mention both of these yarns are from Knit Picks, and are worsted weight. The sweater pattern is called #08 Cropped Cable Sweater and is from designer Patricia Pastor (raverly page here). I think the resulting sweater will look great with all of my plaid skirts for this upcoming winter.

Both of these patterns are supposedly relatively easy apparently, as some of the ravelry members mention each being their first ever sweater. It will be my first time attempting either lace or cable patterns so I am excited to try both as they are such common techniques in many sweater patterns. I hope to cast on the brown sweater tonight!

Wish me luck sewing the 3 hour sweater together tomorrow, I fear I may need it :)


  1. It's looking great! I am excited to see how your 3-Hour Sweater turns out -- I hate doing that much stockinette, so have never gotten around to making it. :-P

    One thing that'll be different with your lacework and your cablework sweater will be that you'll want to count rows (for pattern repeats) fairly carefully. At least until you're far enough in and can visually tell what line comes next. Every single cable sweater I make has at least ONE criss-cross that's slightly too long, cause I forget to count. :-P But Andi Satterlund patterns are excellent. Even my non-knitting friends have lusted after her patterns and then remembered they hate knitting. ;-)

    And how are you sewing it up? Being a seamstress, the easiest will probably be a bodkin or large blunt needle and yarn for thread. I usually backstitch if using a needle, but that's not required. And if I'm doing any gathering or pleating work, I always use a needle. It's easier than the crochet hook version, sometimes.

    Good luck with it! I'm so excited to see it. I'll bet you have the outfit planned for the photo shoot already. :-D

    -- Tegan

    1. Thanks Tegan! I found the stockinette portions a relief! As such a newbie knitter everything else stressed me out! I did a lot of counting even just doing the 3 hour sweater so that the front and the back would be relatively the same, but I better buy some stitch counters because I get lost so easily. I'm not exactly sure how I'll be sewing it up yet, I have a couple of knitting help websites open with different methods explained. I did buy some bodkin needles in advance, so I am ready to try my hand and getting the darn thing together!

  2. Wow! This went along really fast :) And it looks great!
    I really like your next projects too. You will do just fine, cable knit looks complicated, but really is quite simple. Lace work too. And you know, the only way to learn is to just do it :) What's the worst thing that can happen? Happy knitting:)

    1. Thanks Siri! I am excited to learn some more techniques with these next two patterns and will be off to the craft store tomorrow to pick up cable needles and stitch markers! I can't wait to sew the sleeves on the 3 hour sweater and try it on!

  3. That tweed wool is awesome! I'm a huge fan of dark grey and can already picture how chic this is going to look in sweater form.

    Happy knitting - you're off to such a stellar start!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! It's actually a very dark brown as opposed to charcoal, but the charcoal is on my short list for next time!

  4. I hope your jumper has come together well. I like the patterns and yarns you have chosen for your next projects.


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