July 26, 2015

Snapshot and Sewing Plans

1) Ready to see Wicked back in June! It was such a fun show, and a great night!

2) I keep seeing these strange pink flowers this summer. I don't know what they are, but they are cool looking!

3) My silly cat was being so cute swinging her tail back and forth from her perch atop a chair. I don't know how I lived without her for those four years I spent at school <3

4) Making my little stripey tilt hat! Here it is before trimmings :)

5) Top-stitching on my red and navy jacket!

6) After the two navy jackets, I don't want to make any more hand bound buttonholes for a few weeks at least!

7) The wildflowers have been insanely gorgeous this year!

8) The first week of July was full of grey skies and clouds and it was sorta wonderful! Cue me driving through the mist with the windows down

9) My tiny cat laying across my lap as I work on editing my novel at night! It's cute, but she can make it difficult to type sometimes!

10) Working on my new tropical dress, I am so happy it's finished now and can't wait to wear it again!

11) Here I was sewing buttonholes again! Ahhh!

12) My new silver shoes from Zara! A birthday purchase, which turned out to be a hassle as they first sent me a backpack (not what I ordered!) and it took a while to get everything sorted out!

13) This little blog of mine reached 50 followers on Bloglovin! Thanks everybody for reading and stopping by!

14) Sewing the red top-stitching on my Peggy Carter inspired summer shirt!

15) Seeing In Bloom at the Denver Art museum! A great way to spend an afternoon.

16) Draping the back pleats of my new pet en l'air!

17) Dippin' dots ice cream after soaking up the sun at the zoo.

18) Though it doesn't look like I made much progress from one photo to the next, but there is actually a lot more done here!

19) My other cat Gunny being very cute as well!

20) Ruffled and pinked trimmings all attached to the sleeves!

The pet en l'air is coming along nicely! I just have to hem the bottom and attach the trim around the neckline/fronts. I may also be planning a second little 18th century project in the same purple silk! I think have enough silk left over to squeak out a pierrot jacket! I have plans that involve lots of silver sequins...should be fun!

A little purple pierrot paired with a green petticoat! I'd love to have a green petticoat too!
I still have a few more summery sewing projects left before I switch over to my fall plans. Including finally making a 30's dress out of the bright spotty fabric bellow!

Also on the docket is another 50's circle skirt dress in this brown, black, grey, and white abstract print. After these two dresses I only have a few other little projects (a few more blouses) to finish on my list of summer sewing. I already have a huge list of projects planned for fall, but I'll talk about those plans when we get closer to fall!


  1. Wow, you've been busy! I wish I could say the same about myself in the sewing arena, but I'm so lazy. XD I saw Wicked recently, too! It's amazing isn't it! The costume design is so inspirational, especially from the Emerald city.

    1. I can definitely be a lazy seamstress sometimes, I haven't gotten anything done yet this week even though I had Monday off of work! Wicked was very good indeed, I knew all of the songs from being in theater/choir back in high school where one cannot escape learning the words to most musicals. I was definitely paying extra attention to the historical inspirations behind some of those emerald city costumes, it was a really fun show!

  2. Those silver heels are fabulous! That's one (of many) colours of shoes that I don't currently have. I should try to find some before the winter holiday season rolls around again. I always think of silver or gold accessories firstly for New Year's - which, thankfully, is still a ways off.

    Have a great tail end of July,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, I had to have them for only $19 bucks on sale! I thought they were a good mix of 1940's and modern styles. I still need a gold pair though :)

  3. I enjoy these little snapshots of activity. Your cats are so very cute. What is dippin dots ice cream?

    1. Thank you Kate! Dippin dots is a novelty ice cream where the ice cream is frozen into tiny little perfectly spherical dots that are like beads of ice cream instead of a solid, super hard to explain it turns out! But very yummy and fun :)

    2. Thanks! That sounds exciting. I have never seen that over here, I think we must be well behind on ice cream trends!


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