July 19, 2015

In Bloom: New Exhibit at the Denver Art Musuem

There is a new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, In Bloom: Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism! As a lover of both art and flowers, I was pleased as punch to visit the exhibition's members preview day on Friday!

I love, love, love 17th and 18th century Dutch (and French) floral still life paintings. There is something about the near photo realistic overflowing vases of multicolored blooms that just calls to me. I have two large posters of Jan Van Huysum floral paintings (Fruit Piece 1722, and Vase of Flowers 1722 respectively) that usually hang above my bed (when I was off living on my own). I love finding the butterflies and tiny ants hidden among the soft petals and leathery leaves. So when I first found out about the upcoming floral exhibition at the DAM (Denver Art Museum) last summer as an intern, I was very excited!

The exhibition is separated into several sections/rooms, and the first was full of my 17th and 18th century favorites! The other sections charted the evolution of the floral still life through the 19th century as the impressionists tried their hand at the subject. I must admit am not a particularly big fan of impressionism in general, I mean I like them enough, but rococo and realism hold my heart. I like certain artists more than others, and I cannot deny the power of Van Gogh. The works of his included in In Bloom are beautiful, the choice of colors in each work so beautiful and giving each work a zest of life and energy.

I really enjoyed the exhibition, especially the small room with no art but a scent experience meant to transport you to a lush garden via your nose. I always enjoy studying the details of such magnificent art works, and the visit was a welcome reprieve after a morning rushing around at my retail job! There are several exhibits in different areas of the museum's other gallery's highlighting related floral artworks that are also nice to visit, especially the new tapestry exhibition in the textiles gallery. If you are in the Denver area I highly recommend a visit, the exhibition officially opened on July 19th and runs through October 11th!


  1. The idea of a scent exhibit is wildly appealing to me. What an awesome thing to get to experience, along with seeing these incomparably gorgeous antique paintings. I can't help but swoon and get all daydreamy at the mere thought!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. The scent thing was really cool, it really added to the experience! There were a few real floral arrangements around the museum to celebrate the opening of the exhibition too and they also smelled divine!

  2. Gosh, I wish I could go to this... It's right up my ally ~ I adore antique floral art, and these are too, too dreamy! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

    1. It may be a bit too far away for you down under, sorry about that! Though Australia does (or did recently) have something I don't yet have, Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries series 3! for that I am still jealous! ;)


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