July 12, 2015

A Good Woman Mini-Review

I recently watched a film called A Good Woman, starring Helen Hunt and Scarlet Johansson. Based on Oscar Wilde's Lady Windemere's Fan, the film maker's reset the story in the 1930's during a summer in Italy. I always enjoy Oscar Wilde, so i thought I would give this film a chance, especially as it is currently streaming for free on HBOgo.

The film it self is far from perfect, mostly because it isn't Wilde enough. The British actors definitely have an easier time delivering the Wildeisims than their American cast mates.Some of his one liners remain, but seem a bit out of place. I feel like they were stretching to make the story fit the time period and setting they chose. Making the Windemere's American doesn't really work either. Not that any of that really matters though right, what about the costumes? They were delightful! Beautiful 30's day-wear for Johansson's character, I particularly liked her outfits. The sun soaked Almafi coast setting is beautiful too, making this film a nice watch but not a particularly greatly entertaining movie.

Good for the costumes, entertaining enough that I didn't mind spending the mere 93 minutes to watch it. Not the most exciting mini-review right? Oh well, back to sewing...


  1. The mini caplet she's wearing with that slinky evening dress is stunning! I've not seen this movie myself, so I can't comment on its plot, but the costumes alone would get me to invest 93 minutes in it, too. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I assure you the caplet is extra charming in motion! :)


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