June 7, 2015

Along a Bamboo Path

Twenty minutes before these photos were shot, it was raining super hard and my parents and I were stuck hiding in a stucco gazebo. We had only just arrived at the downtown location of Denver's botanical gardens when the skies went from grey to black and the clouds opened up on us. So much for walking around the gardens right? Well luckily those clouds moved fast, and after a half hour the sun had returned and with it blue skies!

So we emerged from the gazebo and continued our jaunt around the gardens. I wore my red cherry blossoms dress that I made last summer and a new hat! I re-trimmed this little straw hat this week, adding a length of Edwardian lace netting over the top and a tiny sprig of peacock barbs. This piece of lace was salvaged from a beautiful Edwardian shirtwaist that I was given by my favorite professor in college. She passed a few items of Edwardian clothing to me, since she was cleaning out some of the things in her sewing room. Sadly, this particular shirtwaist was quite literally disintegrating before my eyes. It was made of the most fine tulle-like netting in either cotton or silk and was dissolving after it's 100 years of existence. I saved what I could by cutting off the lace areas like the collar, cuffs, and hem. The hem portion ended up on my hat!

I work for the next three days, so no sewing will get done until Wednesday. Still, I finally figured out my blouse pattern (including the shawl collar) and can start making the real deal this week. I also need to get serious and spend a few marathon days making my bustle dress finally. Then I also have started making a new hat, a sort-of boater style in ivory linen, that I would like to finish this week too. As usual, there just aren't enough hours in a day!

Dress: Made by me
Belt: Banana Republic
Necklace: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Shoes: Aldo
Hat: Made by me


  1. What a fantastic location for a shoot. The walls of greenery are captivating and subtly mysterious, not to mention very pretty. They make your lovely red dress pop to no end, too.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I am a regular visitor to Denver's botanical gardens. They are gorgeous and provide endless backdrops for outfit photos!

  2. Gorgeous outfit and great hat. I like the photos from amongst the bamboo.

    1. Thank you Kate, this bamboo path is one of my favorite hidden parts of the Denver botanic gardens!


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