March 9, 2015

Top 5 Items on My Wishlist for Spring

I have told you guys for weeks now that I have already been dreaming of spring and summer fashions. I have a short stack of fabrics already purchased and waiting to be turned into fresh spring/summer frocks! There are navy and red florals, a few liberty prints (that I bought at Liberty of London back in 2012!), ginghams, and a few other crisp cottons in my stack of sewing to-do's!

As I have had spring shopping on the brain (and already straining my pocketbook), I thought I would compile a wishlist of the top 5 most wanted items on my wishlist to share with you all. I have been naughtily spending a bit of my tax return (oops!) on a few new vintage items for my wardrobe, including a few new-to-me vintage straw hats, one style of which is the first item on my list!

1. Large Straw Cartwheel Hats
The first thing on my lustlist (I mean...wishlist) for the upcoming spring and summer is a great big flat straw hat! I wanted a short crown and a large stiff brim like the hats of the late 1950's. I just think they look so elegant and will help me avoid a tan as the sun returns. I have actually already ticked this item off my list as a dark navy blue straw cartwheel hat is on it's way to me as we speak! (from Etsy, of course!)

2. A Light Khaki Suit
I plan on adding a serious section of safari inspired styles to my closet this summer, and I think a lovely tailored khaki suit would be a good place to start in Spring! I'm not sure what style I would like just yet, I can't decide if I would prefer something 1930's, or 1950's like the fabulous suits above.

3. (Non-Stretch) Cotton Blouses
Last summer I paired my trusty pencil skirts with modern tops, mostly stretch jersey tops in fact. I want to change that this year! I long for the structure of a crisp woven cotton blouse! It seems like even modern vintage repro companies don't often make tops and blouses, they all seem to focus on dresses. I love a good dress, but variety is the spice of life! I hope to make a ton of different cotton blouses and tops to wear this spring and summer, I'll pass on any great patterns I find to all of you of course!

4. Fun Bright Floral Tilt Hat
Another style of hat I have been longing for! Sadly it seems it is much harder to find hats in this style that are still in good condition, and when you do they are priced well out of my range. To solve this problem I plan to DIY this style. I have some colorful striped cotton and plan on piling on vintage millinery flowers!

5. Off-White or Ivory Heels
A useful color of shoe for spring looks that is missing from my wardrobe! I suspect an off-white shoe would be just as useful in the spring and summer months as a black shoe in is fall and winter. What could be better with gingham dresses and floral print skirts? I have my eye on the first pair in particular, from Brinley co. on Amazon for only $23 dollars! They don't seem like top quality shoes but the style is exactly what I am looking for. The second pair are the Say It With Sophistication Heel from Modcloth, and are so vintage looking!

So those are the top 5 items on my wishlist for spring! My spring and summer sewing plans are all but completely planned! I'll share more of my sewing plans, and their inspiration, later on as the weather really beings to cooperate again. I hope you all are having a lovely Monday!


  1. Seriously fantastic wishlist! All of these pieces are so gorgeous, classic and well suited to spring. I really hope you're able to track down all of them. Your new navy blue cartwheel hat sounds stunning - I'm skipping heartbeats just thinking about it. :)

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica, it turns out that the hat I ordered is black instead of navy! I'm not too bothered seeing as I wear so much black so it will still fit in my wardrobe!


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