March 1, 2015

Milan Fashion Week Favorites

Fall/Winter 2015 fashion month is still in full swing, and as the shows in Milan wind down I thought I would collect some of my favorites looks for you all to admire. I think we could all use as much winter inspiration as we can get as we ride out the rest of this year's cold temperatures (and here in Denver, plenty more snow!).

These three looks hail from Max Mara. Known for their classic coats, Max Mara was decidedly 50's feeling, which was a great departure from all of the 1970's styles that have been stomping down the runways! There are things I like about some 70's styles, but you won't catch me sporting them myself. The camel outfit above would be a great look for traveling don't you think? That is one luxurious bomber jacket! I also liked the sheer fuzzy sweaters with quilted satin skirts, very loungy boudoir worthy!

These next three looks are from designer Luisa Beccaria, who I don't think I have heard of before this season. I love (love) the grey dress and beret! So classic, a perfect ensemble that I would wear as is any time. The collection was mostly tones of grey with subtle blues and gold tossed in occasionally. Overall I liked the ultra femininity of the show. I would certainly love to have these three looks, head to toe, in my closet.

These three looks are from three different designers. The first is from Trussardi and I liked the simplicity of the dress and how easily it could be styled to look quite vintage. Again it looks like it would be the perfect dress for traveling, comfortable and yet super chic! Just add tortoiseshell sunglasses and fini! The center looks is from Etro, I liked many of the textiles and the rich gold and brown color palette of this collection, even if most of the silhouettes were not for me. With the 70's trends popping up everywhere, patchwork is apparently going to be a thing next fall, and I gotta say I am not interested! Oh well, this coat is still super glam and was the one look from the collection I could actually see myself wearing (not that I could afford to of course!). The last look is from Roberto Cavalli, who does 1970's glam all the time, he just happens to be on trend this season by happenstance. Cavalli is sexy and fun, but this dress stood out to me because of the pairing of brown with rich rusty reds, the colors look so good together!

These three looks are from Alberta Ferretti, where again the color palette was divine. I loved the rich ochers and hints of olive green. The Italians exceed at producing exquisite textiles, and they were on full display at Ferretti. I especially love the wool/brocade fabric from the center look above. Of course I would like a princess coat in that fabric, as opposed to a maxi dress, but I digress.

We have finally arrived at what would normally be my favorite designer from Milan, Dolce & Gabanna. The collection didn't really wow me this season however, and I found the three looks I really loved were all Dolce standbys in all black. I love a little black dress, I cant help it! I'd love to finally buy/make a black lace dress, for days when I am feeling very Italian! The suit in the center is perfect as far as I am concerned, the jacket is so very "bar jacket" 50's Dior in style. The last dress (which is also in the close-up image at the top of this post) is a perfect LBD, black + lace = yes please!

One of my favorite things about Dolce & Gabanna shows are usually the shoes, and in that respect this collection definitely did not disappoint! Besides simple but lux black velvet pumps, these other three styles caught my eye. Green velvet mary jane heels with red roses on the toe? Yes please! Velvet mary janes in general? Absolutely yes! Then there is the embellished pair in black and gold, that I would wear with everything if I were lucky enough to own such gorgeous shoes!

So now I look forward to the shows in Paris. I find the general overarching 1970's theme of this season to be a bit disappointing, give me any other pre-70's decade and I'll be more on board. Hopefully there will be some different silhouettes in Paris!

What about you guys, will you be dusting off your bell bottom trousers and long tie neck blouses for the 70's revival next fall?


  1. Goodness, these are some seriously marvelous fashions. The first grey look from Luisa Beccaria and the trio of shoes at the end stand out as my absolute favourites.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I want those shoes!

  2. Those green shoes with the poodle on the sides - yes please! I agree with you on the grey dress and beret, I would wear that in an instant. I rather like the Max Mara quilted pencil skirt too. I imagine that is something that you could easily reproduce.

    1. Agreed Kate, I'd love a pair! The quilted pencil skirt would be easy to reproduce, but I don't think I could ever sew such even lines to get the quilting right!


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