January 29, 2015

More Couture Favorites, Spring 2015

More couture week goodness has been flooding online from Paris. There are certainly quite a few dresses this season that I would happily wear, even if I don't ever have couture worthy evenings out! The pieces above and directly below are from Russian designer Ulyana Sergeenko. Though new to the couture scene (and business in general), Sergeenko's designs are always unfailingly feminine and most often have an air of 1950's glamour hanging about them. Naturally I can always find something to love in her collections, this season I particularly like the blue dress in the center above and the black and green ensemble from below.

These next three gowns hail from Armani Prive. I tend to like Armani Prive every couture season, as there is a bond girl coolness to the collection most of the time. The tropical leaf prints and bamboo motif this season were done in an effortlessly chic way. I would love to have this collection as my travel wardrobe to some exotic local. The blue gown on the above right is a stunner I would gladly wear anytime.

The three solid color gowns above are from designer Alexis Mabille. The old Hollywood feeling is pretty strong in this collection, I particularity love the dramatic capes!

Another constant winner in my book is Elie Saab. Some in fashion tire of his devotion to sparkling beaded gowns year after year, but I certainly don't! The middle dress above seems very Mae West to me with all of those feathers. All of these gowns are making me want to delve into a huge couture project for myself, even if I have no need for a beaded ballgown.

Then there is Valentino, constantly dreamy, romantic, and covetable! Designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli have made me swoon for nearly every collection they have put out for Valentino, and this new collection is no exception! I may not wear many of the silhouettes myself, but the textiles and color palette are gorgeous! Oddly many of the muted colors are the same range as the Asian Art wing of the Denver Art Museum (it is painted in muted greens and terracottas) so for some reason the collection reminds me of that space. I would certainly love to wear some of these pieces the next time I visit! I liked the romantic hairstyle with little flowers tucked in too, I love wearing flowers in my hair as you all know.

Lastly today we have red carpet favorite Zuhair Murad, and it is easy to see why starlets favor him! Like Eli Saab there are gorgeous beaded gowns every season, and I never tired of seeing them! The likely-hood of my ever getting married one day is slim, but that white dress in the center of the first three above would be my first choice for bridal wear. So beautiful! I wish I could go to the Oscars or MET Gala and wear one of these stunning gowns. If only couture wasn't so incredibly out of reach for us peasants!

Do you guys follow modern fashion? I have stopped buying magazines, but I doubt my devotion to style.com (where all of these photos are from fyi) will never wane. I am constantly inspired by the way great designers are pairing colors and textures, what new textiles and embellishments they come up with!


  1. Stunning fashions! There's so many here that nab my breath away instantly, but it's the dark blue and gold star gown that really, really sends a shiver of desire up my spine. If I won the lottery today, I'd try to buy that dress in my size. I love it that much.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You really can't beat Valentino! That's the thing about couture too, they make the dress custom to your body, your exact size, no off the rack sizing here! Couture houses require several fittings so that your extremely expensive, lets say perhaps 25,000+, garment fits you like a second skin. I think its funny how couture is the absolute height of luxury in this regard, and yet just a hundred years ago most women (middle-class and wealthy women at least) would have gone to personal dress-makers to get their clothing made. Having a "size" and buying off the rack are still a relatively new phenomenon!

  2. Some beautiful dresses here. I always like to see the couture offerings as the level of workmanship is breathtaking. I particularly like the embroidered and beaded designs, I guess I can really imagine how much work has gone into them. I am a bit of a magazine aholic and I am very interested in modern fashion even if it is not what I reall wear. I suppose if you like dresses you like dresses, whatever the era!

    1. As an impatient seamstress myself, I am always in awe of the beautiful work the couture seamstresses create! I agree, I just love a pretty dress, no matter what age it comes from!

  3. mmm, i love valentino! all of these dresses are great!

    there are some couture "making of" videos on the internet that are really great to watch.

    and http://www.refinery29.com/dior-couture-dress

    i am new to sewing and it really is special to see just how much work goes into making one of these garments.

    1. I love watching couture creation videos, though I could never sew with such fine detail and patience! Congrats on starting to sew, it can be super rewarding!


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