December 2, 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas

1) Anthropologie
2) Little White Box Jewelry
3) Anthropologie
Now that you all have your holiday DIY projects sorted, I thought I'd put together a little gift guide too! Just a few things I know any vintage loving gal like me would certainly appreciate finding under the tree!

To start off, a fun evening bag with intricate embroidery and layers of beads that could be paired with any manner of dresses for a night out! I just adore this bag from Anthropologie with its blackened metallics and inky blue background poking through.

What vintage lover doesn't adore a great brooch, and these playful vintage-look resin options come in so many lovely shapes and colors! I had never seen this range before but was recently introduced to them through Polka Polishes X-mas wishlist!

The glass jewelry cases are just so lovely, I'd adore storing my bracelets in one of these so I could actually admire them when not wearing them. They remind me of antique display cases, and let me tell you, I have a weird obsession with antique display cases! It's the (hopefully one day, really please) future boutique owner in me!

4) Anthopologie
5) Chronically Vintage
5) Modcloth
6) Chatter Blossom
 I also happen to be a stationary hoarder, cute envelopes, pretty marbled papers, you get the idea. That's why I think any gal would love to receive these pretty floral notebooks for jotting down their poetry or world domination plans.

I grow ever more enamored with the idea of sparkling clip on earrings from the 50s and 60's. Nothing quite says vintage like a clip-on, though I'll admit a dark secret of mine to you all now...I usually mutilate my clip-ons and make them into post backs! I just can't take the pain! These pretty earrings from Chronically Vintage's etsy shop are a perfect mix of colors for fall and winter.

For the Jane Austen lover on your list there is this adorable mug from Modcloth with Austen quotes. Who doesn't love classic literature paired with tea time?

Since I have been thinking a lot about hats lately (and how I need more of them!) here is a delightful little headband from Chatter Blossom on etsy! I just love the little spiky white leaves, they would look beautiful in your hair year round!
8) Chronically Vintage
9) Modcloth
10) Modcloth
11) What Katie Did
My obsession with malachite continues, I only wish I could snatch these bangles up for myself! Sadly my hand/wrist is just not designed for bangles, I can never find ones that fit over my inelegant hands! That means one of you has to snap up these beauties, again from Chronically Vintage, in my stead!

The button box from Modcloth is just too cute, perfect for the seamstress in your life! I always have bobbins and spools of thread all over the house, a box like this would be the perfect storage space for all the little sewing materials that end up spread all over the house!

I would really like to take a bar tending/mixology class someday, but until then this book full of literary cocktails sounds like fun! I would love to have a literary cocktail party one day, everyone could come dressed as Hemingway or Zelda Fitzgerald and have a gay old time listening to Cole Porter!

Lastly on my list of gifting ideas here is something a bit more intimate! I think any vintage lover would be pleased as punch to receive almost anything from the excellent brand What Katie Did. I for one would love to receive these tulle back seam tights, seeing as I have yet to make the jump to fully fashioned stockings and a garter belt! Still, I love the instant vintage look from a back seam, and these being made of tulle would render them much more durable than the average nylon! I may just end up buying a pair as a little gift for myself!

I know the spirit of Christmas/Hanukkah/other December festivities isn't really about gifts, but its my unashamed materialist nature that makes me so happy that these days it's about both! I really do love shopping for everyone on my list, and I even love wrapping everything extravagantly so a present will be extra special! Finding that perfect gift for someone can feel like such an accomplishment! Personally I'm about halfway through my shopping, I hope this list can help someone with hunting down the perfect gift, even if it's a gift for yourself!


  1. So many wonderfully pretty items at work in this festive and very fashionable wishlist dear Bianca. Thank you deeply for including not one, but two, items from my Etsy shop in it. I'm tickled pink! Should I ever come across any malachite bangles are best suited for larger hands/wrists, I will put them aside for you right away.

    I hope that Jolly Old St. Nick reads this post and brings you everything your heart desires!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thanks Jessica! And of course, your shop is full of so many wonderful things! Thanks for keeping an eye out for malachite for me, I am forever obsessed :)


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