September 19, 2014

Patterning and Sewing

Step 1 after sketching is always re-arranging my pattern so that it works for the new designs. I want some of the fall dresses I have planned to have a princess seams in front, as opposed to darts. This, luckily, is a pretty easy pattern modification. I also added a half inch to the bodice center front as I felt it was always a bit short on my summer dresses. I also drafted a sleeve pattern for the under-sleeves of the more italienne inspired gowns. The neckline will be lower on most of my fall/winter dresses too as I'm aiming for them too look more Tudor inspired than 1950's. Hopefully they will turn out a nice mash up of the two!

Sketches on my wall, hanging with their respective zippers! So much to make, so little sewing time!
These are the fabrics for my first sorta-test dress of this little "collection" I am putting together. The sheer stuff will be the under-sleeves that will puff out Borgia style. I found said sheer fabric on sale at Denver fabrics and it is actually real metallic silk! Swoon!
Have I mentioned I have spend way too much on pretty trims lately?

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