September 4, 2014

18th Century Progress and Fall Sewing Plans

I have a confession, I decided not to hand sew the swallowtail jacket! Dun dun dun...I just knew that it would never get finished if I had the leisurely time table hand sewing would require. By choosing to use my most inaccurate machine, I am now nearly done sewing the jacket! I also (obviously) made the decisions I was so confused about when I last blogged about the jacket. I think I will leave it a surprise which way I decided to go in the end!

I have a bit of work left to do on the jacket itself and then I have to make new petticoats to wear with it. I have had a lovely black striped cotton voile waiting to become the perfect vaguely goth petticoat, so I can't wait to see what that looks like finally sewn together. I also sort of want a new bum roll to really puff out the back of my skirts and hold out the tails of the jacket, so I might whip together something quickly to do the job!

I'm not sure I have ever seen an example of a black petticoat with a floral jacket, but I don't want to let that stop me so I am just going to forge ahead!

I have many sewing projects lined up for when I finish my little 18th century outfit. I did very well with making my summer wardrobe this year and I would love to do the same for this fall. In total I made, 3 pencil skirts (tropical, black cotton, navy cotton), 4 dresses (red polka dot, red cherry blossom, black Japanese print, black tropical floral), and 5 blouses! I have several fabrics in my stash that have been waiting patiently to become frocks so lets look at some of those...

The grey and teal (rayon/poly of some-kind) down in front is destined to be a 20's day dress. I'm not sure of anything more than that at this point, I need to do more research and decide on a style I think might work. I just really want more 20's day wear options! To that end, the sheer plaid chiffon will also be turned into a 20's/early 30's day dress. I was originally going to make another 20's dress out of the green velvet too but I have decided to use it on a renaissance inspired sheath dress instead.

The lovely polyester brocades above will both be transformed into 50's style sheath dresses with 3/4 length sleeves for fall/winter. I think I might just use my 18th century sleeve pattern for these to add a bit of a different touch and make them a hint more historical looking. I haven't fully decided on the neckline shapes for either of these, perhaps a sweet heart for the floral fabric and a v-neck for the abstract one? hmm...

All three of these fabrics are destined to be lovely long lined pencil skirts. I think the light brown wool plaid will turn out very 30's looking, especially when paired with an ivory blouse. The swirling black on black brocade was a must have for me, I do love black after all. The teal and orange paisley is a bit different for me, and I'm not sure what type of blouse/sweater I will be able to pair it with. I might have to invest in a teal blouse! (there is a really cute one at Target right now but the location nearest me doesn't have my size!)

Is anyone noticing a polyester brocade addiction at this point? I have since stopped hording them, but for a while there it was all I was adding to my stash! I have been trying to dream up projects for all of them which is why it is going to be such a brocade heavy fall for me this year. This amazing olive green and gold fabric will become another sheath dress and I think I might try some interesting sleeve treatment for this one, something again Renaissance inspired with some velvet ribbon perhaps? The grey plaid will be a more straightforward 50's/60's secretary sheath dress but I might make it sleeveless so I can wear different blouses underneath it.

These fabrics do not represent the full extent of my fall plans, any fabric hoarder knows that a stash can go on and on! I also have a black circular motif brocade that I have been saving forever in the hope to make something inspired by the dress seen below from The Other Boleyn Girl. Say what you will about that film's accuracy, the costumes were fricken gorgeous!

I don't have enough fabric for a Tudor gown but I may try and make a Tudor inspired sheath dress (my favorite style much?) with similar trim across the front and down the center. I have been playing with the idea of doing very simple fitted sheath dresses but with very historical necklines and sleeves. I really like the sleeves of several of The Other Boleyn Girl and The Borgia's costumes and might try and mash some eras with modernity and see what happens! If I can toe the line between costume and modern clothing I totally will.

Now I am off to sew, I have lots of plans but there is only one way to make them happen!

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  1. All of those fabrics are seriously, memorably beautiful. I've long been enamored with brocades, so my eyes definitely lit up when I saw the ones you've highlighted here.

    Happy sewing!
    ♥ Jessica


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