June 29, 2014

Finally Sewing

Sorry for the radio silence here, I have been sewing! I am working on two new dresses in lovely cotton prints and I'm hoping to get a third done before my trip next week! Trying to plan what to pack for San Diego has been surprisingly difficult, and so I am hurrying to get a few projects done in time to make it into my suitcase. I had been looking for a cute Disney themed and/or polka dot t-shirt to wear for our day at Disneyland but have had no luck! Why is it that every cute top this summer turns out to be cropped? Not all of us can wear crop tops! I remain dedicated to the search.

To be honest I believe it's already July! June just flew by between my internship and my job. I promise when I get back from San Diego I will start some historical sewing again. There may even be an exciting secret Edwardian project for the museum too, but only if I am very lucky! Fingers crossed that comes to fruition because wow wow wow what an amazing opportunity it would be! I can't say more or I'll jinx it.

Also my 23rd birthday is next week already! What?! That's crazy! At least I get to spend it at Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! Now if I could only figure out what to wear...

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