June 10, 2014

Acquisitions: Antique Mall Shopping

This past Friday I accidentally ended up at my favorite local antique mall. I was supposed to work, or I thought I was at least, but it turned out my shift was on-call and they didn't need me, so seeing as I was already out...you see where this is going? I ended up shopping instead of working! Very bad behavior!

There is this one stall that always has heaps of records and I came home with two this time, Classic Jazz Piano and the fabulous 50's! I haven't been able to listen to either yet but I am looking forward to both!

This space-age mid-century brooch was hiding in an unassuming bundle of vintage jewelry and had to enter my collection. I really like mid-century almost brutalist jewelry so when I see it on the cheap I snatch it up! Plus I didn't yet have an example in gold! The gold filigree earrings with brown rhinestones were super well priced and I didn't have anything else like them so I grabbed them too :)

Even more space-age looking jewelry ended up in my bag, the silver earrings above and the mid-century modern bracelet below! Both were too good of a buy to pass up. The red leaf and berry earrings above were only $3.50! As an added bonus I found the matching necklace on etsy for only $4.00 sooooo...I mean I had to order that to match right? obviously...ahem. I really like having etsy for completing sets like that. I bought a necklace and bracelet last summer at a vintage market and then found the matching earrings on etsy later from home. I don't usually like matchy-matchy jewelry in my more modern outfits but vintage just calls for the sets!

After this awfully naughty spending (I am not working much now that I have an unpaid internship too, so I should be saving every penny!) I went to the Banana Republic outlet with my mom yesterday and spent even more, so bad! She encouraged me :P I got a really pretty basic ivory sleeveless blouse to wear with pencil skirts which i'm sure will pop up in an outfit post soon. I hope you are all having a lovely week so far!

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