May 11, 2014

Great Sand Dunes National Park

This Saturday some friends and I went on a mini-roadtrip adventure down to Great Sand Dunes National Park. I had never seen a sand dune before and as I really love driving in the mountains I thought it would be a fun (though expensive because gasoline) day out! The drive was lovely, we had delicious snacks (thai flavored kettle chips!) and nice weather on our way there. Sadly once we got to the dunes the clouds had thickened into a blanket of grey, which left me with less than ideal photographic conditions. We started by walking the Montville nature trail, which at only .5 miles long is ideal for those less athletically inclined like myself. We then headed over to the dunes, got our feet wet/frozen by the snow melt creek and then had our shins sandblasted by the wind. Spring is the windiest season at the dunes and when they say that, they are NOT kidding! Sand everywhere! Still seeing the dune field was really cool, it looked like another planet. It was strange to see this dune desert in the middle of snow capped mountains!

doesn't look like Colorado does it?
cute deer on the side of the road leading out of the park!

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