April 8, 2014

Sewing Plans and Pretty Fabric

I have had a few silky fabrics stored away that have been waiting to become 40's style blouses for a while now. The finer the fabric the longer it stays in my stash waiting for just the right project! I have two silky blouses, one from Banana Republic and one from Forever21 that I just love, they are simple but flattering and rather 40's in style. I want to try and "knock off" these two blouses so that I can make copies out of the silky fabrics in my stash!

I bought this 1940's re-issue pattern from simplicity today that I am also eager to try out, along with my copies of my two favorite blouses. I have been naughty and have bought some fabrics recently too, I get myself into such trouble at Colorado Fabrics (formerly Denver Fabrics) here in town!

This lovely 100% silk with painterly tulips is destined to be a 40's blouse, the print just screams 40's to me for some reason!
I have had this fabric for a few years as I was first intending to use it for a school project, again 100% silk and destined to be a blouse, so luxurious!
I bought this one at Colorado Fabrics at least six months ago, I don't know the fiber content but it is something thermoplastic. It has a nice feel and drape though and I adore the space print! Something long sleeved I think?
This lovely polyester crepe is going to be a 30's or early 40's dress I think, so pretty for summer!
Again a find from Colorado Fabrics, destined for a late 20's/early 30's dress
Bought this yesterday and I am in love with this print and the colors! I wanted something tropical for summer and this fabric answered my unspoken wish! Id love to turn it into something floaty in either a 20's or 30's style
Another fabric I bought yesterday, this slightly sheer cotton with a large double selvage print in tropical flowers will be a 50s sarong dress! 
then today at Joanns I fell for this gilded Japanese print cotton that is trying very hard to be kimono silk and won my heart in the process! Another 50's wiggle dress I think :)
Never let me into a fabric store, I will inevitably spend way too much money! Making my own clothes is often quite rewarding (and only occasionally horrifically frustrating), certainly more so than buying clothes in the stores these days. To get the longer hemlines and hour glass shapes I prefer it is just easier to make things myself! I have two days off this weekend, so I am hoping to get a few projects both started and finished then :)

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  1. These are all seriously lovely fabrics!!! As much as the florals and Asian print had me swooning, the galactic pattern is my very favourite, simply because it's so unique and channels a great 50s/60s space race vibe (agreed, something long sleeved and/or full skirted would be stellar - pun intended - for it!).

    ♥ Jessica


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