March 19, 2014

The Sparkle Dot Dress

On Saturday, a few friends were getting together for dinner down in Colorado Springs and we decided to get dressed up! I always want to get dressed up, so I was extra pleased! I finished this dress that day in time to wear it out! I have had this sheer polyester chiffon with woven lame polka dots for a long time and decided to make a 20's frock out of it! (since I'm obsessed!) Again I modified the one-hour-dress pattern, this time adding an off center handkerchief hem. This was super easy to achieve, I cut it just as you would a circle skirt, only I left the edges square instead of rounding them off and also positioned the waist circle off center to make the front a bit shorter than the back. I am really happy with how this dress came out! It felt really glamorous to wear as the longer skirt is unusual in the modern world of going out to dinner and drinks. I think it is wildly under rated! I threw on a grey and black faux fur collar too, as its still pretty cold here, and felt super glam all evening!


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