February 21, 2014

Plum Tabard and a Silver Gown too!

So yesterday I told you about my new 20's tabard style dress and here it is! The photos didn't come out very well, so I apologize that there aren't many! This tabard is made of a plum/grape colored velvet and a scrap of faux sari fabric from Joanns that I got ages ago. I bound the edges of the whole tabard with gold lame bias from Joanns and then hand stitched gold braid trim over the edges. While sewing down the trim I also sewed on sequins and beads for added sparkle. The sides are tied shut with golden braid cord and can be tied loose or tightly depending on the look desired. The slip is also new and is a purple-ish navy blue to match either of my tabard style dresses. The slip is a super nice polyester that looks like silk but is unfortunately a super conductor of static electricity!

This little silver dress below is fun but not necessarily great. It is not flattering in photos, which makes me question how flattering it is in life :( I bought the fabric to make a slip but had so much of it I decided to try and make a dress instead. The pattern is super easy, basically four rectangles, two for the bodice and two longer horizontal pieces for the skirt. Unfortunately, this fabric had a tiny bit of stretch, meaning the weight of the skirt pulled down the sides so I tacked them up at the side seam a few inches. The picture below shows the dress at its most loose, I did add ties to the inside which when tied at the back give it a bit more of a waist definition. I also made a large black velvet sash to wear with this at the waist since it isn't so flattering but then I forgot about the sash when I was taking photos! The stretch inherent in the fabric also means the hem looks awful! I am considering adding beads/fringe/feathers !something! to the edge in hopes it looks a bit better.

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